Custom Wellness Items have become More Important Than Never Before

Post Covid – 19, people all over the world will put their wellness plans first on their priority list- well ahead of money, travel or even career goals. The virus pandemic has taught us all how important health can be and how often we all neglect it in our mad scramble for success and power.

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As employees juggle their family and work responsibilities they may get burnt out and lethargic. Encourage your employees to give top priority to their wellness and find time to  relax and rejuvenate. Keep your employees happy and healthy with wellness products that keep them happy and stress free.

Here are some custom giveaways worth considering

Scalp massager: Encourage your team staying at home to indulge in a-home spa day with a relaxing head massage with this simple massager. It will leave your employees relaxed and ready to face the day with increased vigor. After a long day of brain storming ad trouble shooting your team deserves a nice scalp massage. They will indeed be pleased with this custom gift choice of yours!

Scalp Massager

Exercise Band : Whether they take their fitness goals lightly or seriously, exercise bands will make a great way to get started. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, these simple and easy to use bands are great for a quick relaxing workout when going to the gym isn’t an option.

Printed Exercise Bands

Hot and cold eye mask : Toss those cucumbers and tea packs and bring these easy to use eye masks. These can be used both as cold and hot press to relieve sinus pressure and ensure eye relief. After spending a long time in front of the laptop monitors, your employees truly deserve a soothing touch for their tired eyes. Go for it!

Plush Hot and Cold Eye Masks

Cooling towels: Help your employees stay cool on a sultry summer day when even the air conditioners spit out hot air!  Just wet it with water, wring it and use it over the face or arms to feel the chill effect. Your employees will love the cooling effect every time they wipe  sweat off their face with these towels that are  designed to turn even the most scalding summer days a cool experience – literally!

Printed Very Kool Cooling Towels

Metal water bottles: Encourage your recipients to get their daily fix of water even when they are busy with their work, video – conferencing and business calls. insulated  water bottles will allow them to keep the liquids hot or cold as they wish. When they have their choicest drinks at easy access, staying hydrated becomes easier. Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy too!

17 Oz Promotional Arsenal Vacuum Bottle

Hand sanitizers: Remind your team to stay sanitized and germ free even while at home by handing out custom hand sanitizers. Ensuring hand hygiene is the best way to stay safe from germs. Choose from a wide range of models like gel, spray, wipes and a lot more.

The Li'l Cleaner Hand Sanitizers

 Shop our complete line of custom wellness items  for your employees to keep your team and brand image healthy!