5  Sure Fire Marketing Ideas With Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas branded with your logo and message, are a big hit in any event or occasion. These make great giveaways for the great outdoors, golf weekends and all business verticals in healthcare, finance, hospitality, education and more.

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Umbrellas enjoy retention of more than a year and make a lot of impressions during this time. Thus these logo items will have one of the lowest costs per impressions.  Here are some facts and figures that will highlight it.

45% of consumers in the United States own promotional umbrellas.  Most people retain it for an average of 14 months as they find it useful and of good quality. They receive an average of 1,100 impressions throughout their lifetime, which costs you approximately one penny per impression, which is cheaper than any form of advertising.

Brand recognition

Custom umbrellas will make a perfect way for businesses to increase their brand recognition. Reports show that consumers prefer doing business with a brand they know and trust.  Umbrellas enjoy a high visibility and anything imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

85% of people who receive a promotional item develop a favorable opinion of that brand and are more likely to do business with a company that gives them a custom gift. The best part is that umbrellas are not just for bad weather but make a stylish accessory to complement the outdoor fashion trends  as well.

46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrellas

Here are some promotional ideas involving custom umbrellas

For Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is one of the largest users of promotional umbrellas. According to Advertising Specialty Institute, it accounted for 8.7% of distributor sales. Imprinted umbrellas are used as promotional items given to doctors and nurses and other employees. The massive canopy of umbrellas will give ample space for them to highlight their brand and message.

In addition, logo umbrellas make thoughtful giveaways  during special events like National Nurses Week, National Hospital Week and can even be considered as referral gifts and rewards for blood donors  etc. Umbrellas will indeed ensure a great return on your investment and enhance your brand image effectively.


Finance and Banking industry

Financial institutions can use logo umbrellas to attract prospective customers and reward their own employees or referral clients.  Banks and financial institutions have been using these logo items effectively for a long time and they would not have used these if it didn’t provide a decent return on investment.

Offered in a wide range of models and colors, umbrellas offer something special for everyone. Your message and artwork imprinted on these popular handouts will get a lot of eyeballs. Functional and fashionable,  umbrellas are available in various sizes to suit your promotional needs and budget as well.

Whether you wish to employ the pint sized mini umbrellas or the massive golf umbrellas as your promotional items, these logo items get the undivided attention of everyone around. From the biggest names in the industry to business start ups, every genre of financial institutions have been using these logo items to make their deal specials and brand name popular. Branded umbrellas also have a higher perceived value, which will easily impress your clients.


For Educational intuitions

High schools, colleges or trade schools can use custom umbrellas as marketing tools. Choose an umbrella in your school color; and  get your logo and school mascot imprinted on these to turn it into great giveaways during sporting events, school spirit rallies and milestone events among others. These make great welcome gifts for new students as well.

You can stock up imprinted umbrellas at your college swag store for the students to purchase. Umbrellas sell like hot cakes and will set off word of mouth publicity for your message wherever your recipients go.


In addition to schools, PTA and booster clubs can also use logo umbrellas as fund raising items or alumni gifts that make a great way to share the school colors.

For Sports good stores and events

Random polls show that 63% of Americans describe themselves as sports fans. Sports events can be promoted far and wide with custom umbrellas. A lot of people will potentially see your brand which is why so many advertisers choose popular sporting events like athletic events for advertising.  Umbrellas grab easy attention at game stands and sidelines. These are great to create a buzz for anyone managing a local sport team, booster club, and even amateur and professional sporting venues. You can hand it out as raffle gifts, game day souvenirs, fund raising items and free gifts for sponsors among others.

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No matter how you choose to use these, umbrellas make a perfect marketing tool with a great value for money. Shop right away!