Top tips to Promote Your Brand At A Music Festival

Summer has an impressive event calendar to its credit. With a lot of touring bands around, music lovers will have a great musical season ahead.  Multiday, multistage music festivals may be all about the artists and performances. However marketers can offer fun and unique experiences at music festivals to make their brands stick in consumers’ minds. It is a subtle way of marketing that is a bit different than traditional marketing methods.

Music 2020

Did you know that brands had spent an estimated $1.6 billion to sponsor music festivals, tours and venues in 2018 with music festivals accounting for the biggest chunk of that spending.

Any brand can sponsor a musical festival, not necessarily businesses related to the music industry alone. Bars, fashion brands and even sports  businesses can  sponsor musical events as their target audience is more likely be music fans as well. However an insurance or bank may not quite match the theme.

The best part is that sponsorship can include anything like sponsoring a stage or procuring the refreshment rights. Brand can also set up a limited-access lounge near the stage where the fans can meet their stars.

Brands will get a lot of exposure as people post images on social media live and build up a buzz that people will love to talk about even after the event gets over. However, not all musical events may let you hit a gold pot of promotional opportunities. So, make sure that the music festivals that you intent to sponsor will ensure true fan engagement. Every musical festival has a distinct culture and brands should have a good understanding of the tastes of the audience that these festivals will bring.

For instance, Bonnaroo festival for instance is not just music but more like a camping festival. It means that people who are outdoorsy and look forward to have an eclectic experience will make their way to this event. It might not be the case at Lollapalooza, held in the middle of Chicago. So, make sure to handpick events that you think will offer more opportunities for you to meet the target audience.

If you are looking for some interesting ways to make your brand the star of musical events, here are a few top tips.

How to stand out


Freebies are the first and foremost crowd pullers in any event including musical events. Drinkware  items like imprinted water bottles will make a great choice  because of the plastic ban in force in most parts of the US.

Tritan™ Haley Bottles

You can even hand out  stadium cups or add a pop of color with these FDA compliant color changing cups or straws to add up to the fun of the milieu! Drawstring bags or clear fanny pack s make great choices as well. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for a long time even after the event.

17 Oz Color Changing Stadium Cups

Looking for something musical themed? Guitar shaped keychains will make a great handout to please your audience. Earbuds is another popular choice.

Guitar Shape Bottle Opener Keychains

Get DJ pop-up sets and break dancing shows that will take your brand beyond the stage. Think of something creative like a hair styling or a makeover for the audience to get them engaged with your brand. Effective marketing is not just a logo slap or stage sponsorship!

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