How to keep Your Clients Engaged In The Wake Of Coronavirus Cancellations Of Business Events

The Corona virus has set off a spate of cancellations of conferences and business events all over the world.   Organizers have been rescheduling  or cancelling pre-scheduled meetings. As social distancing seems to be the only proven way to halt the spread of the virus, it is sensible to put all mass events on hold for the moment.

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However, the fact remains that the business world moves on; whether or not people travel, attend or organize events! Thanks to the tremendous possibilities to stay connected with the audience online.

Cancelled trade shows or store promotional events? It need not prevent you from making an impression on your audience. You can easily turn the current remote work situations a platform to show your customers how much they mean to you.

Your business event might have got canceled but your swag need not be! Send out wellness items, which are so crucial now to your regular customers and employees.  Help them to stay safe and with these thoughtful items they can actually use.

Wellness items are available in a wide range of models and price points. It will go a long way in keeping your team and clients safe; above all it will show that their well being is your company’s top priority. Show that you care with these logo items during this trying time.

Here are some of the wellness items that can be considered

Personal hygiene items

Disinfecting products like wet wipes and hand sanitizers make thoughtful handouts during this phase.  It will keep not just your recipients safe but others as well from the virus.

Hand sanitizers are considered as the savior of the world at the current moment. Offered in a range of reasonable price points, these everyday items garner decent impressions; above all it will align your brand with wellness!

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel: These handy, travel size items can be customized with your logo to make a wonderful way to maintain remote client engagement. It will ensure wellness on the move during daily errands, road trips or while using public transport. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, alcohol based hand sanitizers have been a hot product as it is proven that it can actually kill the virus after washing your hands for 20 seconds.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel

 Promotional Round Hand Sanitizers: Packed in a trendy round silicon bottle with a flip top cap, these hand sanitizers will let your recipients remain germ proof wherever they go while  they carry your logo .

Round Hand Sanitizers

Imprinted Guardian 1 Oz Hand Sanitizers:  Anyone would love these sleek, clear bottles with a flip-top screw-on cap. It includes, 62% Alcohol made in certified GMP Factory with FDA Certificate. Get your logo, artwork or wellness message imprinted in full color on these bottles to get easy attention.

Guardian 1 Oz Hand Sanitizers

Spray Sanitizers

Sleek, small and portable, spray sanitizers ensure germ protection everywhere they go. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure. With an economical price per impression, these sanitizers will make a smart way to thank your customers and your bottom line.

Wet wipes

Alano Antibacterial Wet Wipes Non-Alcohol based, FDA approved ,wet wipes packed in a resealable pack, which is well suited for home, work or on the go; easy to carry in bags and purse. Ensure a quick wipe anytime , anywhere. Get these items imprinted with your logo and message to remind your prospects that you care about their health.

Alano Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Hand Soap Sheets in Compact Travel Case: Soap can kill virus. Check out these soap sheets – 30 of these packed per case. Just add water and the sheet dissolves instantly to leave your recipients fully disinfected. Choose from various solid colors. Your logo and message imprinted on these will never fail to turn heads!

Hand Soap Sheets in Compact Travel Case

Antibacterial Wet Wipes in Pouch  lightly scented, alcohol-free formula. Meets FDA requirements; accessible at any time; fits right in your pocket! Stop the spread of germs instantly and without soap and water; the coronavirus is more likely to be spread by contaminated surfaces than through the air, these wipes make a handy way to keep doorknobs, counters, and keyboards germ-free.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes in Pouch

Wellness items are a great way to keep your employees engaged, even when they are working away from office. Keep your audience engaged with your brand and help them stay aware of Covid-19. Your logo on these useful items will never remain out of sight or out of mind of your audience!