Custom Wedding Favors For Small And Budget Friendly Weddings

Big and lavish wedding events are giving way to small and intimate ceremonies with a handful of guests these days. With social distancing and corona virus safety precautions in force, it is time for couples to plan small and beautiful events that create happy forever memories.

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Personalized wedding favors do make a great part of any wedding – big or small!  So couples will naturally be spending a lot of time to fork out some great favors for the special invitees in their short guest list. It is time to abstain from wastage of resources too. So, here are some great party favors that will fit your bills.

What to Give for your wedding Guests?

A wedding favor is a hearty token of appreciation from the newlyweds to the guests who attended  their wedding function. Thank them for their presence on the most important day of your life with a small yet thoughtful wedding favor, which has been a wedding tradition for hundreds of years now. So, you too can go with the norms without breaking your budget with some fabulous gifts with unbeatable prices.

Consider these tips:

Pick up a favor that reflects you as a couple:  It is your wedding day and hence you should be in  charge of choosing wedding favors. Do not assign this important task to your uncle or cousins or copy the wedding favor list of your friend who got married recently. The wedding gifts that you choose should highlight your personality and should be unique and special as you are! Spare a thought at your hobbies, life style, quirky traits and anything else that you think sums you up as a couple!

Select a party favor your guests will enjoy: The gift that you choose should be something that the guests should find useful as well. So, make sure to cut a fine balance between your fanciful ideas and utility while choosing a perfect wedding favor to turn it to the life of the party.

Consider your budget: When  the world is going through a tough time, it is better not to be pompous while selecting wedding favors. Choose a nice, budget friendly gift that will make a perfect way to send home your guests.

Here are some wedding favors that are almost always a good choice.

Candy :  Who doesn’t love something sweet? It is a great way to add sweetness to your wedding day literally.

Executive Gift Box with Chocolate Almonds & Pistachios

Candles:  Scented candles that will be used again and again will make a great choice to highlight the beauty and romance of the day.

Heart Shaped Tin Candles

Hand fans: A must-have for summer weddings, hand fans can double up as  great wedding favors.

LED Light Up Hand Fans

Goodie Bags: Set up gift bags pre-filled with goodies to show your guests how special they are! Your personal message on these  cute, reusable bags will remain in plain view even the goodies are used up!

Poly Pro Cinch Gift Bags

Bubbles: Looking for a fun gift that will leave your guests in splits? Shop for bubbles; these are great for the first dance, photo booth or for a fairy tale departure!

Smile Face Bubble Necklaces

Wedding favors can be just about anything! Do not feel limited by the conventions while choosing your favors. From fun to functional and everything in between, we have a lot of options to offer you. Explore our custom wedding gifts and choose the best!