Top Promotional Products For Marketing Your car Dealership Business Post Covid-19

The virus pandemic has slammed the brakes on the car sales figures, which have hit the lowest figures since the great recession. However, auto dealers are adjusting to working under COVID-19 restrictions by encouraging the customers to buy vehicles online.  Right from vehicle demos and valet-style pickup and delivery service, test drives and oil changes, auto industry is offering a bunch of innovative promotional ideas online.


Using promotional products to market your car dealership is going to be another big thing that is happening in auto industry. It will ensure not just a memorable experience to your customers but provide exceptional ROI when used right.

To connect with your audience and add wheels to the marketing campaign, you need some value added gifts and custom auto accessories  for your customers.  For example, the end of financial year sale will be much more effective if more prospective buyers know about it. Often a small gift and the thoughtful gesture that goes with it will leave the customers happy and well appreciated, which in turn will set off referrals from their end as well.

To receive a gift is a memorable experience for anyone who buys a new car and makes the occasion more memorable and joyous.  Such a small cost can make a big impact in making your customers happy and increase the likelihood they will come back in the future or recommend you to others.

So, here are a few custom products that can infuse a fresh breath to the slowed down auto industry, which will slowly yet steadily be back on the tracks in the near future.

 Promotional Car Sun Shades:  To be behind a molten hot steering wheel is never a good time. Car sun shades will keep the interiors of the car cool and well shielded while your logo gets an enviable display. It makes a perfect gift for new car owners or can even be handed out to your regular car service clients.

 Logo Imprinted Car Sun Shades

Phone chargers: As more people make important calls or use maps to navigate their way, it is important to keep their phones charged up at all times. Phone chargers will ensure that your phones never run out of charge while on the move, leaving you in dire streets literally! Add your logo and your dealership will always be on top of your customer’s mind.

 USB Car Chargers-1000 mAh

Vehicle Safety Kits : Safety first! Make sure that your prospects stay safe on the road and during emergencies with these safety kits that contain all the tools that they may need. Your logo imprinted on these high utility items will get a lot of impressions every day while you show that you care .

Car Charger with Escape Safety Tool

These are just some of our popular choices.  Explore our complete line of custom auto  products all of which can be custom branded with your logo and message.