Nurses Week 2020 Celebrations Have More Relevance Than Ever

Nurses week could be an event that is celebrated from May 6th to May 12th  every year. However, this year it has more relevance considering the pandemic scare that the world is facing and the commendable role nurses play in combating the virus. Custom gifts are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation to the selfless service of nurses and the health risks they endure themselves while treating patients.


Covid-19 is something new to mankind. As the whole world is trying to figure out the best way to beat the virus, nursing professionals are working in highly challenging conditions and the shortage of essential personal protective equipments (PPE). Having to spend a long time away from the family, nurses undergo tremendous emotional turmoil as well.

 Thank the Nurses

Without nurses, the battle against Covid- 19 would have been near to impossible. As the virus spreads across nations, nurses create formidable front line barriers to keep us safe while they expose themselves to serious risks of infection and contamination. Extend a helping hand to the nursing community and show how much they are appreciated in whatever way possible.

Here are a few ways that will help you get started.

PPE supplies

PPE shortage has been a cause of concern for nursing staff across the world. When they deal with highly infectious diseases like Coronavirus, they may need proper protective suits that will minimize the risks of their infections. Businesses can handout PPE items during Nurses week to show that they care! Only a collective effort can win the battle. Do your little bit and be part of this noble mission. KN 95 respirator masks, face shields, protective goggles and gowns are some of the many items that can be considered.

KN95 Filtering 4-Ply Respirator Masks

Nurses are exposed to infection risks not just when they are treating the patients but in common areas and while on the move. Disposable and easy to wear 3-ply face masks will make a barrier against external elements. Cotton masks or bandanna masks can also be considered during daily errands like going out to buy groceries or essential supplies. Customize these with your logo and message to make it a giveaway that highlights their hospital pride during this difficult time.

Breathable Cotton Health Face Masks

Disposable gloves are essential items for nursing personnel as it keeps them safe while handling patients or objects in contaminated areas. Our protective nitrile gloves will ensure total protection for the nursing staff. Full length surgical gowns are effective in reducing the risks of  exposure and keep the health care personnel safe.

Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Hand Sanitizers

Probably, hand sanitizers are as important as PPE supplies in keeping the nurses safe and help them  ensure hand hygiene. Easy to use during work or on the move, sanitizers are available in a wide range of handy models like spray, gel, wipes and solution to cater to the different needs. Get your logo and message imprinted to make them feel truly special not just during Nurses week but beyond as well.

Workplace Essentials

Antibaterial pens come handy in reducing the infection risks . These pens contain an antibacterial additive that ensures 99.9% protection against bacteria on the surface of the pen, which will help them stay safe. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation as well.

Printed iProtect® Antibacterial Ballpoint Pens

Phone cleaning gadgets will make another thoughtful giveaway because phones gather germs in hospitals and it is essential to keep it clean and sterile to cut down the risks of contamination. 3-In-1 charging buddy that let multiple people charge their devices from one USB or is another handy choice. It will free up other ports and keep the phones charged up.

3-In-1 Custom Printed Charging Buddy

You can also consider wireless charging pads which will keep the phones ready for use at all times. Noise cancelling headphones come handy for the nursing personnel; to enjoy music  after work or to  relax cutting off the  noise of the outside world.

Daily commute items

Heathered Backpack is handy way for the nurses to stay organized and carry all their essential items to work and back Spacious enough for all their everyday items, custom bags will make a smart way to highlight your brand image as well.

Reagan Heathered Backpacks

Metal insulated tumblers will help them stay hydrated and energized during their long shifts.  Use vacuum insulated models like customizable 20 oz. Himalayan Tumbler, which can keep beverages  hot or cold as needed.  If you are planning a green themed item, wheat tumblers will make a great choice. Reusable and easy on the planet, these logo items will make a great way to celebrate your green credentials as well.

 Printed 20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

Outdoor items

It is only a matter of time for the pandemic curve to flatten out and disappear. Once normalcy returns, nurses may be able to take a break to enjoy a much deserved family outing or a road trip. It will help them to rejuvenate and relax and prevent the risks of getting burnt out. You can choose from a wide range of options like cooler bags, beach picnic kits, BBQ sets and a lot more that will inspire them to plan a holiday .

Non-Woven Wave Design Cooler Lunch Bags

Looking for some tech accessories? 10000 MAH Wireless Power Bank will make a great choice  for  your recipients on the move as these back up items will keep their phones up and ticking  for a long time.

10000 mAh Constant Wireless Power Banks with Display

Who doesn’t like to carry their favorite playlist wherever they go especially when they are on a holiday? Wireless speakers will make a great choice for your prospects to enjoy their favorite tracks and waltz till they drop. You can even choose water proof models in case they have some pool party or beach fun in mind!  Make sure to customize these popular items with your logo and message to make them feel part of your organization and team loyal.

 Border Wireless Speakers

No matter what you choose in custom handouts for Nurses appreciation week, make sure that it is a nice mix of fun and functional items that your recipients cherish. You can shop from a complete line of  custom Nurse appreciation giveaways that will fit your promotional plan and make your nursing staff feel special and appreciated not just during the Nursing week but well beyond it as well.