Put Your Promotions Into Motion With Custom Auto Accessories

Americans spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel of their cars according to reports. So, can there be a better way than including auto products in your marketing mix to get across your message. From weekday commute to the great road trips and holiday drives, people hit the road quite regularly. Turn their driving hours into your brand promotions with these custom products that will enhance their driving experience plus put your brand right in front of your audience. The best part is that the rising popularity of ride sharing will ensure that your brand will get the attention of a wider audience!

Trunk Organizer

Get your brand in plain view of your prospects both inside and outside the vehicle.. From sun shades to trunk organizers and license plate frames and more, there are a lot of custom auto products  to consider. These logo items will make a unique and subtle way to advertise your brand without distracting the drivers.

Neet Accordion Trunk Organizers

Custom license plate frames

Traditionally a handout from car dealers, license plate frames have been proven advertisements for your car for decades. License plate frames  make high visibility boards to support awareness causes, schools, sports leagues and more.

Full Color License Plate Frames with Straight 2 Holes

Car magnets

Turn your personal vehicle into a work vehicle and vice versa by simply sticking these car magnets and taking off it as your needs. These won’t damage the surface of the vehicles and will give you the ultimate flexibility of a temporary billboard to get your message across. Make use of the generous imprint area to place your brand, message or artwork in full color on these magnets and get spotted easily. These make great fund raising items for sports teams and booster clubs as well.

Custom Oval Shape Outdoor Safe Magnets 35 Mil

Sun shades

Ensure that the car remains cool even when parked outdoors for long with custom car sun shades. Your recipients will thank your brand for coming up with these thoughtful handouts for sure. Anyone who happens to see these attractive shades will surely take note of your company logo. Just imagine the exposure your business will get when your prospects keep their cars parked in crowded areas and parking lots.

Square Shaped Car Sun Shades

Phone chargers

A highly appreciated gift by car passengers, phone chargers will make a great addition to your business gifts. Your brand and message will not just be seen by your prospects but by the ride-share users and the friends and family as they charge up their phones on the go. Always in use, auto car chargers will make countless brand impression during their life time every time someone in the car connects and disconnects with your customized car chargers!

Auto Fresh USB Car Chargers

Browse our complete line of car accessories to find something that suits your needs. Happy shopping!