Haunted Halloween Party Ideas That Will Literally Freak out Your Guests

For most people, anytime is party time and the Halloween frenzy in the air will make a perfect excuse for them to shed their inhibitions and go all out. The pumpkin flavors, huge candy bags and the spooky costume ideas doing the rounds will all murmur one single word in everyone’s ears – Halloween-!! No matter whether Halloween reminds you of trick or treating or the graveyard setting and zombie movies, there are no two opinions that it is a great time to throw a party.


Halloween is all about being silly, scary and hilarious and a perfect time to show off your pumpkin-carving skills. So, how do you plan to go about it? We have some really spooky custom gifts and party ideas to help you get started.

Fish out the spookiest costumes from your closet
No Halloween party can be complete without a costume party. You can include the costume party ideas and guidelines such as kids friendly or family appropriate along with the invitations. If you are not keen for a full fledged costume party you can even plan orange and black color themed party. Hand out orange or black colored T shirts imprinted with jack o lanterns or pumpkin faces on these along with Halloween messages or quotes. These fun costumes will end up as delightful collectibles or a simple costume that everyone will love to wear for a very long time.Promotional 20 Oz Flashing LED Big Skull Mug

Create the mood
Scary decorations like glow in the dark skulls, skeletons, fake spiders, cobwebs or glow pumpkins will all easily create a Halloween magic to the party scene. A haunted house theme or a fall theme will all make great party themes during Halloween.

Make sure to maintain the spooky theme in the dishes that you serve as well. It will be fun to include items that look like severed fingers (mozzarella sticks dipped in sauce) and eyeball punch (fruit punch with fake eyeballs over it) among many others. A quick online research will help you land in some of the spookiest Halloween dishes ever. If you are planning a small office party or a family dinner event you can make it a potluck while larger parties require catering. Glow in the dark cups, glow sticks and table ware items like coasters and napkins in orange and black will all be excellent table ware items to consider.

Party favors
Hand out little party favors to thank your guests. Some of the popular gift items include pumpkin shaped bags, which will make excellent trick or treat bags to send home your guests with. Fill it with candies, toys, pumpkin shaped squeeze toys and other small gift items for your guests.

Personalized LED Pumpkin Halloween Bags

Glow in the dark sunglasses: These will make perfect gift items for the dimly lit Halloween party settings or even the dance floor. Your guests wearing these glow sunglasses at dark will make an eerie spectacle to complement the theme.

Drinkware items: LED skull mugs or glow stadium cups will make great season appropriate party favors too that will remind your guests about this great party throughout the year.

Halloween is the harbinger of the traditional holiday season ahead and it is worth celebrating with loads of fun and laughter laced with a bit of spookiness. Remember, there are no hard and fast party planning rules and guidelines. Just get creative in making your party the best. It is not important how you wish to go about it as long as you have all the fun in the world! Happy Halloween

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