Top Five Real Estate Promotional Gifts That Ensure The Best Value For Your Promotional Dime

Real estate promotional gifts not just spread your message and build up goodwill but will help you to stay connected with both your existing and new clients. Here the top 5 custom real estate promotional gifts


Fridge magnets: Americans always love to add a bit of color and functionality to their fridge doors in the form of curiously shaped and colored fridge magnets. These unique and well recognized house shaped magnets will make it easy for you to drive home your message. Every time they check on their daily reminders under these magnets or open the fridge your logo grabs their eyeballs.

Measuring tape keychains: Just moved into a new home, anyone would like to have a tape on hand to measure spaces and for some DIY tasks.

Keychains: Hand out the keys of the new home in a classy logo engraved keychain to make sure that your clients take pride in your message as much as their new home!

House shaped banks: Your logo on these home shaped banks will stay special in their minds

Home shaped stress balls: You might have relieved them of the tension of finding a good home for your clients and now it is time for these stress balls to take over and to keep them stress free all through.

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