Customize Your Fund Raising Events With Promotional Gifts From Proimprint

To make any fund raising event a success, it is important to get your message out to the masses. Check out these fun logo fundraising gifts from ProImprint that will make your charity event truly unique. From logo banks to custom mints and key chains, these promotional gifts for fund raisers can also double up as promotional ideas for any of your marketing events like tradeshows.

promotional 8 megaphone

Cost effective and personalized good that are easy to sell and mobilize funds make the ideal fund raising promotional gifts.

Here are a few gift ideas that will ensure a higher return for your investment during fund raising events and campaigns.

Chocolate: Everyone loves chocolates and it doesn’t take much effort to sell these delicious delights! Imprint your logo and message on these delicious chocolate treats and sell these popular promotional items either as gift basket items or as individual pieces to make your coffers ring. It is impossible to resist the cravings for chocolates for most people and why not turn these temptations in your favor.

2.15 Oz Custom Dark Chocolate Espresso Candy Bars Gold

Awareness Ribbon Magnet Clips: Ribbons have always been symbols of charity events and awareness campaigns. These sleek and colorful ribbon shaped magnet clips will fly off your shelves like hot cakes. Ask anyone how their work desk will look like on day when they don’t have clips and memo holders on hand! Wading through piles of paperwork, reminders and daily tasks being shuffled through the office takes up a lot of time and these handy clips will simplify these tasks by keeping everything right in front of the employees. Every office will need a few of these magnet clips that help them keep track of their important office documents and papers. Imprint your logo and message and impress the recipients as you propagate your cause and fund raising message through these useful yet cost effective gifts.

Glow in the dark Megaphones : Sports season is here! Cheer for your sports league or your company with these adorable logo items. Show your team spirit and support with these logo imprinted gift items that will get your message out loud and clear for everyone to hear. The best thing is that these megaphones when not in use can even be used as a handy hold- all for their caps, snacks and water bags when they are in the sports stands. Make some noise and be seen in the dark with these glow in the dark megaphones that will make your logo popular among everyone.

Fundraiser giveaways will not just raise awareness for your event but will also spread your message. Imprint your logo and message on these for a lasting impression and see how these cost effective promotional gifts can make your fund raising events a success. Fund raising is a time tested way to support a cause and to bring recognition and these logo promotional gifts will drive up your fund raising efforts and bring in the monetary support and recognition for the cause. So, hurry, show off the humane side of your business with these unbeatable fund raising gift items and give your cause a thumping victory.

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