Fund Raising Has Never Been Easier With These Smart Tips

The key to planning a successful fund raising event is being unique and interesting. Apart from lining up a few interesting promotional gifts you need to come up with a unique fund raiser idea to make the event memorable and rake in more funds as donations.

Here are some fund raising event themes that can be considered

Community run
A community 5k run will make a hugely popular event to draw a massive crowd and to build a buzz with low investment. Easy to organize and ideal for encouraging donations, community runs can take in fun themes like medieval dress themes. Hand out logo imprinted wrist bands for your supporters that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Light weight and flexible, these colorful wrist bands will make a wonderful souvenir for the participants.Logo Imprinted Light Up Silicone BraceletsAuctions
Auctions not just raise funds but also bring together the whole community to the event. Business owners can donate products like gift baskets, cards, holiday vouchers and more. The high popularity of these items will fetch high prices and will spread awareness about the cause as well. Make sure to hand out a small promotional gift for the attendees as token of appreciation of their participation.

Easily the most popular among fundraising ideas, raffles are widely used by schools, clubs and churches among others. Popular raffles like 50/50 can be held in any community venues like restaurants or theaters that makes it easy for all participants to attend. Keep small prizes like wrist bands, tattoos, bags or pencils among others for different levels of raffle ticket purchases. There are restrictions in some states that prevent raffles in fund raising. So, check the local government rules before planning raffles.Promotional 3 Pack Face Paint Sticks

Fashion shows
A fashion show is a glamorous and popular way to showcase businesses and raise funds. Choose any appropriate venue like a theater or a park to conduct the show. An entry fee for admission, promotional gifts for attendees and refreshment vouchers will all make fun ways to raise funds. You can even think about crowd funding to get the show started if you have resource crunch.

Crossword puzzles like Bingo are for everyone. Apart from ensuring lots of group fun and workout for brain, it is easy to set up and budget friendly as well. For fund raising, use several bingo sheets, an entry ticket and simple promotional gifts like bracelets, noisemakers or fun toys that will keep the cause on top of their mind.

Let us be frank about it! The golden rule of organizing a successful fund raising event is all about having lots of interesting gift items and organizing the event in a perfect way.

These tips from the experts will help you get started on a firm footing.

Be unique
Originality is the key feature of any fund raiser. Be creative regarding the theme, colors and the gifts you choose for the participants. It is not enough to plan a good fund raising event but you should succeed in getting the word out to your audience to drum up maximum support. By being creative, your event will stand out from the countless cookie cutter fund raisers and will make it more memorable for the attendees.

Think from the attendees’ view point
To get people donate for your organization you have to offer something in return. That is what makes promotional gifts an important ingredient of any fund raising event. These logo items will establish a tangible connection with your audience and engage them with your brand in a subtle and non intrusive way. Your attendees will think about the advantages that they get by associating themselves with the fund raising event. Be it the educational opportunity, a tax rebate or may be a community experience- offer something that will prompt them to join hands with your fund raising event.

Think futuristic
An ideal fund raising event involves marketing too, so plan ahead and be organized to make your fund raising event a success. How well you get your message across to your target audience is what makes or breaks any fund raising event. Make sure to let know the supporters of the amount collected and the future goals, which will motivate the participants to get involved more.

Great Fundraising events originate from simple thoughts and ideas. Be it the gift that you choose or the benefits that you offer to the attendees, try to bring in your creative touch to impress the audience and get their support.

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