Tips to choose Promotional Fanny Packs

Fanny packs have come a long way from being a nondescript travel item for over two decades before making its entry to mainstream fashion. Though its fashion quotient has gone through a waxing and waning pattern, there has never been a doubt about the usefulness of this product.Custom Printed Slim-and-Sleek Waist Packs

The modern day fanny packs are more functional than their predecessors to cater to the travel needs of the audience. Fashionable and functional, fanny packs are available in a range of styles and for every purpose you can think about. People find these adorable items to use and the popularity of fanny packs has made these potent marketing tools for business owners as well.

Here are some smart tips that will tell you the best ways to employ custom fanny packs in your marketing mix.

  1. Pick up the right model: Though most people think that fanny packs are only for tourists, these can be used in several different ways. While travel-style fanny packs are designed with pockets that will enable the travelers to keep important travel items like passports, credit cards and cash that they may need, models like Water Bottle Fanny Packs are suited for hikers as these will have spacious compartments for snacks and pockets for water bottles. Models like reflective fanny packs will suit the needs of joggers and athletes. Choose an appropriate model that complements your business theme. For instance, if you want to promote outdoor sports or leisure activities, pick up a model that is specifically designed for outdoor users.
  2. Size is important: Fanny packs are offered in different sizes and it is important to choose fanny packs of the right size. For instance if your target audience is mostly women, choose slim and sleek fanny packs . If you wish to reach out to a mixed audience, choose fanny packs with adjustable belt bags that can be adjusted according to the waist size of the customers.Custom Imprinted Water Bottle Fanny Packs
  3. Colors : If your target audience comprises both men and women, choose neutral colors that go well with all apparel colors. A universal design and a sleek design will appease women patrons while men prefer larger compartments and more functional features.
  4. Light weight: Fanny packs should ideally be light weight yet be spacious enough for their personal essentials without adding up to the baggage weight of the users. Most fanny pack users may be vacationers who may be on a sightseeing holiday or enjoying a hunting trip. They will prefer something light that won’t bog them down.
  5. Safety: Though fanny packs are handy items to carry personal supplies, these could be easily targeted by thieves. So, make sure that your customers fasten the belt tightly and refrain from keeping cash and other expensive items in these. By wearing the compartment in the front or on side, the users can keep a close watch of their possessions.

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