Top 6 Ways To Use Promotional Water Bottles As Marketing Swag

Popular and highly useful custom gifts like water bottles will play an important role in promoting your brand in today’s competitive business world. If you are looking for a practical and popular handout that will appease every genre of your audience, look no further than custom water bottles. These can be used as store promotional gifts, fund raising items, tradeshows and more.

custom water bottles

Promotional water bottles will keep your brand right on top of the minds of your audience. Every time they use these water bottles, your brand popularity will get an impetus. These are well suited for mass promotional events like tradeshows because of their affordable price tag.

Here are some smart tips to make the most of the promotional potential of custom water bottles.

At corporate events: Water bottles make great handouts during business events because everyone will find these logo items useful to stay hydrated and ensure their daily water fix. These reusable water bottles will get a long retention among the attendees after the event as well.

Local Sports Teams: Put your message on a proud parade on the sports grounds by handing out promotional water bottles imprinted with your brand and message. Krazy Straw Sports Bottles will make a stylish way for the team to stay hydrated and your brand will get a sporty makeover.

Customized 12 Oz Krazy Straw Sports Bottles

Tradeshow swag: If your business is attending tradeshows, make these water bottles your tradeshow swag.  Tradeshows often draw an audience of diverse demographics and age groups and to find a gift that will appease them all is easier said than done. However, when you have custom water bottles as freebies, the whole audience will have a perfect gift to take home after the event. The versatile nature of these custom items will make it ideal for every product and services as well. Offered in various price rates, water bottles will enable the marketers that match their budget easily.

Charity Runs: If you are involved in charity runs like 5k runs, custom water bottles will make great marketing items. Every time the runners enjoy a refreshing sip, their affinity towards your brand will go up manifold. The best part is that these logo items will not just highlight your brand but your social commitment as well. Water bottles will make great fund raising items for non profits and charity events as well thanks to its popularity and high functionality. Easy Squeezy Sports Bottles is a perfect choice to consider

24 Oz Personalized Easy Squeezy Sports Bottles

For ecofriendly events: Reusable water bottles can be employed effectively during green themed events like Earth Day and make your brand part of your movement of working towards a greener environment. These bottles are well retained and won’t end up in landfills, which makes them sensible choices for sustainable brand promotions. You can choose from various handy models including Troika Stainless Sports Bottles

25 Oz Promotional Troika Stainless Sports Bottles

Contest gifts: Add a fun twist to your promotions or tradeshows by organizing some fun contests. Imprinted water bottles will make great handouts to engage your audience with your brand.

Promotional water bottles can be effectively used to strengthen your brand image in countless ways. How do you plan to use these logo items in your marketing mix? Do share your thoughts at our facebook page and also be the first to share the post over your favorite platforms.

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