Custom Sticky Notes Will Let Your Brand Stick On

Sticky notes make cute and colorful additions to every work desk and make a handy way for everyone to scribble down their little notes and reminders and stick it on spots where they see. Be it on computer monitor, work desks, bags or pen stands, these little notepads will stick easily wherever you wish. So, you can imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these sticky notes will get on a potential client’s desk. These daily use logo items will make impressions in their mind every time they write a note and ensures consistent brand familiarity that will turn into leads.

custom sticky notes

The best part is that sticky notes not just remain with your target audience but get circulated to a wider audience as markers on articles and documents that get circulated around the office and beyond- where a number of new customers will see the name of your organization. These low cost items hold immense potential in stirring up word of mouth publicity as well.

Sticky notes are repositionable, which makes your brand portable. Ridiculously inexpensive, these sticky notes are great for mass events and campaigns like tradeshows because you can handout these logo items to everyone who steps into your booth without breaking your budget.

On an average, a professional will have around 11 sticky notes in their work cabins that will keep them well organized. So, you can imagine the colossal exposure that your brand imprinted on these logo items will get. Investing in sticky notes is a great investment that ensures handsome returns.

Listed below are a few of the many different personalized sticky notes that can be considered in your business promotions.

Smile Jotter with Sticky Notes These sticky notes is the cutest way to keep your company in consumers’ minds. Offered in various vivid color choices, these sticky notes have 3″ x 3″ sticky note pad, 50 pages of lined paper and 5 assorted color flags. One of the winning features of this personalized sticky note is the smiley face cut out on the front, which will bring a smile on the face of whoever using it! Customize these with your brand and message to offer your customers a cute handout that will leave them delighted.

Custom Printed Smile Jotter with Sticky Notes

Full Color Sticky Notepads will make your brand popularity go up manifold. With 4 color process imprints that will grab easy attention. These eco-friendly sticky notepads are made in the USA and feature white paper stock.

3x3 Custom Special Value Pricing Full Color Sticky Notepads

Need more? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your budget and promotional needs.

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