Take Your Outdoor Promotional Campaign To The Next Level With Custom Cooling sports Towels

Highlight your brand even in crowded events and make the next big advertising move for you with custom cooling towels. Light weight, portable and above all highly practical,  custom towels are great for promoting  game days, marathons, school spirit rallies and more. Take your brand to the beaches, game days, golf greens and infact to every outdoor fun hub by making it piggy ride on these cooling towels that will keep your recipients refreshed and let them enjoy a well deserved break.

Sports towels

The sports season is on and if you are planning to sponsor marathons, health runs or golf days, then custom sports towels will make a great choice. Offered in various materials choices and colors, these towels offer a generous imprint area for your brand and message.

Cooling Sport Towels  Well suited to promote fitness centers, yoga studios and sports events, these sports towels are made using performance fabric which activates its cooling properties when wet with water or sweat. These reusable and machine washable towels are chemical free and UV protective as well. Customize these towels with your brand and message to make it a branding gift that will never fail to work.Promotional Logo Cooling Sport Towels

Cooling Towel In Carabiner Case: These sports towels are easy to store and carry thanks to the  carabiner case. These towels are quick-drying and absorbent, which makes them handy for sports personnel and fitness enthusiasts. You can consider these as corporate gifts to inspire your team to pursue their fitness goals.

Custom Imprinted Cooling Towel In Carabiner Case

Deluxe Cooling Towels  These are made of a fabric that is capable of instant cooling while wet with perspiration or water. Customize these with your brand and message to promote charity walks, marathons, golf tournaments and more. Offered in various color choices, these promotional towels will make a high visibility billboard for your brand.

Promotional Logo Deluxe Cooling Towels

Lightweight Cooling Sport Towels Made using 50% Nylon and 50% polyester, these towels are breathable, lightweight and also latex-free. Wet towels cools for up to 2 hours and when dry it absorbs sweat quickly. Every time your recipients use these colorful towels at sports events or outdoors, your message will grab the attention of everyone around and easily stir off word of mouth publicity.

Custom Printed Lightweight Cooling Sport Towels

Very Kool Dye Sub Cooling Towels These hyper-evaporative towels are made using Poly Vinyl Acetyl material, which can retain water while remaining dry to the touch, thus providing a cooling relief. Make use of the full-color dye sublimation process to customize these towels to match your needs.

Promotional Very Kool Dye Sub Cooling Towels

Custom cooling towels are well retained and get used by the audience for a long time, thereby ensuring the much needed brand visibility and exposure. We have a well sorted list of cooling towels. Browse along and choose a model that matches your promotional needs.

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