Top 5 Custom Sports Bottles For Your Outdoor Events

Sports bottles make great team building items, fund raising items and brand promotional swag to show your appreciation, promote team spirit and get your message across beyond your event. Offered in a range of materials and styles, sports water bottles will put your brand on the go and get everyone talk about your business in a subtle way without any nagging business overtones. Custom sports bottles are one of the most frequently used products in business promotions because everyone needs water bottles to stay hydrated and remain active all through the day.

Top 5 Custom Sports Bottles For Your Outdoor Events

Sports bottles will make appropriate handouts to celebrate the milestone of your team, promote your new yoga studio or during school spirit rallies and other outdoor events. As these water bottles ensure a refreshing hydrating experience for the users, your message on these attractive water bottles will sink in among your audience.

Here are some trending sports bottles that you can consider for your promotional events

  1. Plastic bottles

Valais Squeeze Plastic Bottles   These squeeze bottles are perfect handouts for group events like a 5K, cycling races or the opening ceremony of summer camps. These soft plastic water bottles made of soft LDPE plastic can be squeezed effortlessly for a quick sip. With a capacity of 1 liter, these custom printed products make sure that the users take enough liquid during workouts and training. Ideal for athletes, campers and outdoorsy people who wish to have a quick sip without spillage will find these stylish bottles a great choice.

33 Oz Custom Printed Valais Squeeze Plastic Bottles

25 Oz Tutti Frutti Tritan Sports Bottles made of durable and BPA- Free Eastman Tritan have a convenient twist-on lid and flip-top drinking spout that ensures easy and spill proof drinking experience for the users. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Custom Printed 25 Oz Tutti Frutti Tritan Sports Bottles

  1. Metal Water Bottles

Metal water bottles that look like flasks including  20 Oz Venture Sports Bottles will keep the contents cool longer during game days and outdoor events. Durable and reusable, these sleek water bottles will make a great billboard for your brand and message. Easy to clean and sterile, metal water bottles will serve water odorless and in the original taste that will inspire the users to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Custom Imprinted 20 Oz Venture Sports Bottles

Aluminum Water Bottles with Carabiner like 17 Oz Shorty Aluminum Sports Bottles make brilliant handouts for outdoorsy clients and events like tailgating parties, camping and sports events as these can be attached to bags or belts. Filling and extraction is easier due to the twist-on lid attached to the bottle.

Custom Printed 17 Oz Shorty Aluminum Sports Bottles

25 Oz Curve Sports Bottles with single wall construction can be used to hold soda, fruit juice or tea. Your customers can enjoy their favorite beverage by twisting on the lid and the loop on the top will make it easy to hold or attach it into any surface.

Custom Printed 25 Oz Curve Sports Bottles

Need more? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your theme and promotional budget.

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