Promotional Product Trends unveiled at the 2019 PPAI Expo

Earlier this month, we at ProImprint had spent a week at the buzzing PPAI promotional expo at Las Vegas, one of the coveted events in the promotional product industry. The experience was overwhelming on the massive tradeshow floors where marketers, entrepreneurs and the who’s who of the promotional product industry mix, brainstorm and discover possibilities. This year also the event was truly inspiring and in tune with the PPAI standards.

2019 PPAI EXPO promotional Product Trends

There were tons of innovative products that grabbed the shelf space that clearly highlighted a few trends that were hard to miss.  No matter what your business niche or promotional budget is, the event had something special to offer everyone.

Here is a quick grab of some of the products that are likely to be the biggest game changers this year.

Apparels continues to be hugely popular

PPAI show brought to light some amazing creative and technology driven possibilities in branding custom apparels that captivated the audience. From metallic imprints to laser prints and even zebra prints, the customization options are truly limitless and the coming days will see more marketers opting for these path breaking imprint options for sure. Another hot trend has been the interior branding to keep the message subtle all the while making the most of the branding space.

Promotional Logo Very Kool Cooling Bandana

Eco friendly products stole the show

Sustainable and efficient custom gifts made from recyclable items were some of the other innovative products displayed. From compression packing cubes to bags made of recycled plastic bottles, there were many a product that will allow the marketers to stay on trend and highlight their commitment to the environment.

Trending Wine Accessories

We spotted some truly updated wine accessories with temperature sensors that will enable the users to keep their beverages at exactly the desired temperature. It is a remarkable shift from the vacuum insulated design of wine accessories that we have now.

Tech is trending

Tech items are slated to hit the top slots this year as well with some surprise innovations and ideas. We may soon have an opportunity to add RFID to the shirts that will allow the retailers to keep a tab on the inventory or to count the wearers as they walk past their apparel stores or tradeshows. Wireless technology is also going to be under spotlight. How about these UV 400 sunglasses with Bluetooth speaker sunglasses that will not just make the users stylish and UV safe but also allow them to listen to music and make a call hands free. These are great for outdoor brands and fitness businesses to get their message out and make leads.

Keep watching this space for more updates from PPAI Las Vegas expo 2019 and stay updated with the promo product trends big time!

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