Popular Custom Product Trends Unveiled At PPAI Expo 2018

Trending custom products always leave a lasting impression among the audience. If you are ready to step out of the comfort zone of the tried and tested promotional items that never fail, check out these piping hot custom product trends that came to the fore during PPAI expo 2018. Held from January 14-18, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the expo was attended by over 12,000 distributors from nearly 4,000 companies to take a closer look at some of the spanking new products- some on their debut.

PPAI Expo 2018

Lighting Up your brand

No; we are not talking about glow products that have been around for some time now. These logo items feature your brand in full glow, thereby enhancing the visual appeal and the brand engagement. Spiral Light LED Illuminating Pens is a perfect example of such custom gifts. The unique spiral shape in these brass pens illuminate when light is activated putting your brand on a brilliant parade. Make your brand part of the changing trends!

Slim and thin

Wafer thin power banks, USB hubs and chargers are catching up the fancy of everyone around. In this age of nano technology, it is no wonder that promotional products are becoming small and sleek. Check out these slim powerbanks or slim mobile charger to get an idea of the exciting possibilities.


The most popular promotional items of apparels continue to guard its prestigious position even today. Everyone loves to get a free shirt or a beanie anytime, anywhere. Your brand on it will get a lot of wheels too. Be sure with custom apparels!

Fidget Toys

The euphoria set off by the spinning toys of fidget is still on much to the chagrin of pragmatists that dismissed is a one day miracle! The standard fidgets have evolved into many interesting models like fidget pens, keychains and fidget cubes. So, if you have a fidget spinner audience in your list, you know what should be your marketing tool this year!

Wireless Technology

Go easy and knot-free with the ground breaking wireless technology! From speakers, earbuds and chargers- wireless technology is everywhere. Nobody can resist the hands free convenience and freedom of these unique items. Go for it!

Wellness items

The focus has been shifted from just physical wellness to holistic wellness that includes mind , body and spirit. The PPAi expo trends highlight the popular trend of gifts like things like essential oils, yoga products, scented candles and more.

Safety items

Promotional products that address the looming cyber threat and privacy invasion are trending big time. From webcam covers, RFID wallets and more, we have a lot of custom gifts that ensure peace of mind to the users. Your brand will get a bigger pie for being so considerate to your audience.

Go green

Custom products made of organic or natural materials are poised to be popular. Custom gifts that inspire the users to get back to nature and stay close to the roots are going to be successful. Cotton totes and wooden pens are some of the examples in this segment.

Kitchen accessories

From stone coasters to bamboo cutting boards and more, kitchen accessories flaunt a lot of exciting possibilities. From simple family cook out parties to holiday dinners and gala parties, cooking utensils are highly welcomed items everywhere. Choose a model that will impress your audience and match your budget.

Bold Colors

The Pantone Color of 2018, Ultra Violet will be the most popular color trend this year. Lively colors, retro prints and designs and metallic shades are the other popular trends to watch out for.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is not just a trend for most suppliers but a step in the right direction of giving back to the community. Supporting non profits and charity organizations will top the list for most marketers. Low cost gifts like pens and totes will make a great choice to consider.

These product trends of 2018 will help you to try out gift items that you might not have thought about so far. Leave the comfort zone and chuck out the tried and tested run of the mill gift ideas and embrace the trend of change.

Which of these custom gifts are you planning to use in your marketing campaign. Do share with us; comments are open!

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