Custom Gifts For The Different Sports Seasons In The United States

The sports loving country of the USA has an impressive sports calendar that is filled to the brim with the fun and thrills of sports events of all possible genres.

Custom Gifts For Different Sports Seasons


The frosty winter month of December has its fair share of fame to flaunt as far as its sports credentials are concerned in the form of College football conference championships and minor bowls, NFL regular season, Hockey season and the NBA regular season. The football playoffs go for 5 weeks ending in the Super Bowl which is usually held on the 2nd Sunday in February. It might not be a good month for college basketball as the thrill of the November marquee matchups is over and the league matches will not start until early January.

Gift ideas: Mens Puma Golf Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Polo Shirts  and 17 Oz Shorty Aluminum Sports Bottles are some of our handpicked gifts for the sports month of December.

Personalized Mens Puma Golf Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Polo Shirts


College basketball begins and the sports fans have all the regular fare like NBA regular season, NHL regular season and NFL regular season. The rivalry week and the college football regular season will ensure a heady dose of excitement during this month for sure. It is probably the best month for college sports as it kicks off the basketball season along with college football championships and bowl games, which ensures tons of fun.  The Thanksgiving NFL football and the NBA and NHL will round off the sports calendar of the month.

Gift ideas: Basketball Pillow Balls or customized Game Day Clear Stadium Totes Bags will make great gift ideas to promote booster clubs or sports good stores

Personalized Basketball Pillow Balls


October is the beginning of NBA regular season, NHL regular season and College football regular season. It has some star lit events like baseball playoffs and World Series that is spiced by the fun and variety of college football and three professional leagues that make this month popular not just for its Halloween fun but a sports lover’s delight as well.

Gift ideas: Stadium blankets for the chilly weather and baseball bat shaped stress relievers are our favorite custom gifts for the season.

Promotional Baseball Bat Stress Relievers


Fall indeed is the best season for not just outdoor fun and camping but sports events and game days as well. The joyful vibes transfer to sports as the month marks the onset of both NFL and NCAA football, and the final week in Flushing Meadows is enough to make September a Top Five finisher not to forget the occasional Ryder Cup excitement and the soccer fun that keep the sports buffs right at the edge of their seats. Some of the events slated for the month include US open tennis, Beginning of NFL season and College football regular season apart from some lesser known events.

Gift ideas: 20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers that can hold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours I a great choice while 16 Oz Krazy Straw Soccer Bottles will make a great gift to impress all the die-hard soccer fans out there.

Custom Printed 20 Oz Hugo Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumblers


Summer is at its peak and the outdoorsy people have some interesting sporting events to enjoy. The exciting US open tennis championship at Flushing Meadows, PGA championships and loads of baseball fun, will make August a favorable month for sports enthusiasts.

Gift ideas: Rubber made baseballs make great game day souvenirs and custom gifts to celebrate the baseball season. UV resistant Malibu sunglasses is another thoughtful gift to consider.

Custom Printed Rubber Made Baseballs

  1. JULY

With the Summer Classic and the Home Run Derby setting off the baseball fun, July is one of the top five sporty months in the annual calendar. MLB regular season and MLB All-Star Game are something all Americans look forward to.

Gift ideas: Summer favorites like short sleeve T shirts and the sweat absorbent sports towels will make popular gift choices.

Custom Printed Jerzees Youth Heavyweight Blend T-Shirts

  1. JUNE

You may easily lose count of the sporting events slated for this month. The Stanley Cup, The NBA championship, NHL Finals, American golf tournament and baseball fun- the sports fans have a lot on their platter.

Gift ideas:  Golf T shirts or SPF fortified lip balm will make useful gifts for the summer outdoors and sports days.

Custom Imprinted Men's Golf Barcode Stripe Short Sleeve Polo Shirts

  1. MAY

Probably the best month for soccer fun, May is overloaded with college leagues and football frenzy. Add to it the fact that it’s the best month in soccer and the best time to flaunt your American bias to this great sport. NBA and NHL playoffs will get a lot of people on to the grounds during this month.

Gift ideas:  Soccer ball beach balls or plastic tumblers with straw will make great gifts to drive up the thrills and spills of the game days.

16 Oz Customized Double Wall Iceberg Tumblers with Straws

  1. APRIL

April is a happening month for sports lovers. With the College basketball Final Four, MLB Opening Day and Masters all lined up in a single week it will make it a busy season. The sports lovers will also have a lot of NBA and NHL games as the playoffs approach. April has always been benevolent to the sports lovers!

Gift ideas:  Can coolers  or Logo Mesh Sports Drawstring Bags are some of the appropriate gifts that can be considered.

Custom Imprinted Kan Tastic Koolers with 3 Imprint Areas

  1. MARCH

 March Madness is the highlight of the month though there are a lot of exciting events like NBA regular season and NHL regular season to look forward to. March might not be a fabulous sports month, but it won’t leave you disappointed for sure!

Gift ideas:  Basket ball shaped horns or 25 Oz Tutti Frutti Tritan Sports Bottles will make gifts that will impress your audience

Custom Imprinted Basketball Shaped Horns


February holds the rare distinction of being the Super Bowl month. The rest of the month is lack luster with only a few conference games in college basketball, NBA regular season, NBA All-Star Game, NHL regular season, which make welcome diversions for the sports fans.

Gift ideas:  Football medallions or noisemakers will make great gifts to pump up the fun of the Super bowl

Promotional Black Beads with Football Medallion


The New Year excitement, party fervor and a heady sports fun will make January the favorite of the sports loving audience. College football major bowl games, NHL regular season, NHL All-Star Game and NBA regular season will all make this month a top ranker.

Gift ideas: Light weight jackets in your team color or bandannas will make cool gift ideas to consider.

Promotional Logo Men's Flint Lightweight Jackets

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