Top 4 Football Campaigns That Hold Good Throughout The Season

The football season has kicked off and for marketers football themed events and promotions are the best way to get all eyes on their brand. Let’s be frank about it! Football drives the lives of Americans during the  six-month season from September to December, where people cheer on their favorite teams, plan tail gate parties and soak up the excitement at its best!

Football players tackling ball over green grass background

Here are some proven football promotional giveaways and opportunities for you to capitalize during the football season- including ideas to support high school, college or professional football to complement your promotional campaign the best way possible.


Giveaways drives fan participation during the football season. Choose a popular prize for your fans and see how the excitement builds up and participation swells! For high school games, consider fan apparels and football merchandise like football shaped Keychains, football shaped stress balls among others.

Custom Football Shaped Stress Balls

For college football teams marketers can offer the fans a chance to introduce the starting players or  do the coin toss at the game. Handing out free tickets is another popular option to get the fans engaged with not just the game but your brand as well.

If you are planning to make your brand part of the professional league game, set up wide screen televisions at sports bars  or consider a vacation package to your employees with game tickets.

Custom Printed Football Helmet Bottle Openers


Trivia Quizzes

A game of football always centers around football quizzes and sharing trivia knowledge for most people. Engage your audience with a great football trivia quiz with custom giveaways as prizes to win! It is a great way to build up a buzz during football promotions.

Football Hot and Cold Packs


Ballots are excellent opportunities for branding  success throughout the football season. These ever popular football ballots are a huge hit with fans as they rank the best  players, coaches, grounds, cheer leaders and even sports bars as the football season picks up its pace!

Fan Photo Contests

A rage among football fans, photo shoot is the best way to get more people participate and  make  their favorite team photos. If your target market has two or more rival teams, let the fans pit against each other.  The topic of the photo can be anything right from tail gate experience to school pride photo, big game party or even a stadium selfie. When fun is the name of the game, can there be any dearth in topics afterall!

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Football Polls

Polls are a fun way to give your audience a voice and to get the apparent results quite early in the game itself. It is a fun way to engage sports fans with not just the game but your brand as well throughout the season and build up the excitement as game progresses!

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