Tips To Generate More New Leads For Small Businesses

Now that the New Year is only a few weeks away, marketers would be thinking of innovative business ideas to draw more customers to their brand without breaking their promotional budget. The golden rule is to learn to pick up the best ways to generate new business that are budget friendly and effective at the same time.

Tips To Generate More New Leads For Small Businesses

Custom gifts are great ice breakers

Promotional gifts make a must have item in the marketing plan of every business because a substantial part of the customers who receive these freebies will develop an affinity towards the brand that handed out these logo items. Small businesses may probably not know how effective it is to have a marketing plan that includes custom gifts. Study reports show that 36 percent of consumers who received a gift from a company were more likely to do business with that brand in future.  Popular custom gifts like apparels, bags, pens and drinkware items that the customers can actually use will make your brand well seen and talked about.

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Promotional gifts will evoke a reciprocal feeling in the minds of your audience and they will be pleased to support your brand in return. Promotional products also make a great talking topic among customers and to engage them in a light hearted conversation with your brand. It is especially useful in tradeshow booths where you have to make people listen to what you have to say without an obvious marketing pitch.

Quality gifts are well received

Promotional products that you give out should be of high quality and that complements your business identity. Make sure to choose gifts that align with your product line. For instance a pizza shaped stress reliever will make a perfect gift to promote a pizzeria because anyone who sees these logo items will immediately connect with your product even without going through your advertisement.

Choose gifts that match the needs of your customers

Make sure to pick up custom gifts that will be useful to your target audience. Customers who are interested in buying technology products can be handed out gifts like power banks, flashdrives or earbuds among others. If you are participating in travel themed tradeshows, gifts like backpacks, blankets, travel tumblers or tote bags will make brilliant choices.

Generating new leads might require a diverse range of strategies including sales promotion, publicity and personal selling among others. If you have a targeted promotion in mind, mailer campaigns will be a good choice. No matter which strategy you are adopting, custom gifts will make a common thread that holds together all your promotional strategies to make a successful marketing plan. Choose budget friendly yet popular custom gifts that will never fail to impress your audience.

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