The Best Ways To Use Custom Gifts In Your New Year Branding Campaign – A Few Tips

To ensure a successful promotional campaign, you may need a great gift coupled with the best strategies.  Here are some smart tips that will make sure that your promotional campaign is bang on target.

The Best Ways To Use Custom Gifts In Your New Year Branding

Determine the promotional goals: Is your branding campaign aimed at enhancing your brand image, improving your audience base, offering some type of motivation or something else? Do you have a budget or a custom product in mind for your campaign? Spare a thought at these basic questions to arrive at a clear cut picture of your branding campaign.

Choose promo gifts that complement your marketing story: Choose promotional products that match your product line. Gifts that cater to the lifestyle and the tastes of your target audience will get a lot of appreciation.

Reinforce your customer relations: Try to promote a life skill or a tip along with your brand promotions. For instance handing out a custom hand sanitizer or wet wipes will go a long way in reminding the customers to wash their hands and stay germ free. Likewise handing out gifts like powerbanks or earbuds for the technosavvy audience is a sure fire way to engage your audience with your brand.

Customized Travel Pack Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

 Promotional Statistics

Reports show that while customary advertisements like newspaper ads or flyers may result in promotional fatigue among your audience, custom products make the only advertisements that people will thank you for! 83% of audience believed that promotional products play a unique role in the marketing mix. While 28% believe promotional products were more memorable than media advertising

Promotional products can be used for a number of objectives including to raise brand awareness, to encourage referrals or create goodwill. 36% of marketers’ utilized custom gifts to enhance customer loyalty while 20% to increase sales. Custom gifts also make wonderful thank you gifts and employee appreciation handouts.

Target Markets for promotional products

Custom gifts can be effectively used to impress customers, business partners, employees and others. Facts and figures show that 81% of promotional product audience is comprised of existing or potential customers. Employees made up 50% of the target audience while 49% of the audience comprises of business partners and intermediaries.

Choose popular and trending custom gifts

If you are a classic marketer who wishes to go by the popularity index of custom gifts, custom apparels will make your first choice because 64% of promo products comprises of apparel. The second most popular custom gift is writing instruments, which enjoys 56% of market share among logo items. Drinkware items and office desk accessories at 38% and custom magnets and stickers at 35% are lined up next in the list. However, ideally a successful marketing mix should include trending gifts as well. This is where tech gifts like bluetooth speakers, powerbanks and cable organizers come into the bigger picture.

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