Did You Know That Custom Promo Products Can Influence Even Senior Customers

If you thought brand loyalty and shopping habits die hard and become part of one’s personality, you will be surprised to note that custom gifts are quite effective in attracting even senior citizens with well formed habits. Seniors represent a huge share of the consumer market and to reach out to this demographic, you can think of custom gifts that will appease them. Reports show that senior customers have an average per capita income that is 26 percent above the national average. Marketers can position their brand within this demographic to make the most of the potential of this customer niche.

Custom Promo Products Can Influence Even Senior Customers

The spending potential of senior citizens have been going up steadily during the past few years, which has made this specific demographic a highly competitive market for businesses. You need to chalk out a strong and memorable marketing campaign to develop trust and build brand recognition through promotional products that will match the tastes of these customers.

Age is just a number

Plan your marketing campaign to complement the way the seniors feel about themselves rather than their physical age. Most seniors enjoy a healthy life style and feel young at heart these days unlike in the past. Make sure to complement their aspirations and the age that they think they are to strike a chord with the senior population. Researchers call this the “feel” age, which makes an important key while planning a marketing campaign to attract older buyers who may be leading an active life style.

Choose Custom Gifts That Promote Their Hobbies

Custom products like imprinted totes and bags will go a long way in helping the retirees to maintain their active lifestyles. Every time they go to yoga studios, to the beach or library, these bags come handy and they will  rate your brand high for having picked up something that suits their active life style. Blankets will make a great gift during fall and winter promotions as the customers will find it useful during picnics or a night at a ballgame. Looking for something silly and fun that will bring a smile on to their faces? Choose playing cards, yo yo  or fidget spinners. No matter whether they play in groups or single, your message will get a lot of exposure.

Custom Printed Playing Card Set

Staying healthy

Proper medical care and routine medications have a major role to play in keeping the seniors in the best of their nick. Custom pill boxes that will remind them of their daily dosage will make a great promotional gift. These logo items will keep the recipients in good health and boost your goodwill. Hot and cold packs is another brilliant custom gift that can be considered. Your customers will find it highly useful to relax when stiff joints or swollen ankles plague even the most active seniors during seasonal changes or  other factors. These logo items will show your customers how much you care for them.

Custom Imprinted Plush Round Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Many seniors lead quality lives that are as diverse and robust as the younger generations. So, make sure to include trending and interesting custom gifts that will match the changing life styles of this highly affluent segment of the populace.  Do you have a target audience of senior customers? Which are the custom gifts that you use to reach out to them? Why not discuss with us at the facebook page.

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