Tips  To Choose The Perfect Insulated Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are holiday favorites sans parallel! These will keep the food and drinks chilled and fresh during outdoor picnics, camping holidays, Thanksgiving parties and more while keeping your brand in spotlight. Cooler bags are available in a wide range of models at different price rates. With a wide variety of models on offer, it is often a daunting task for marketers to make the right pick.

Here are some useful tips that will help you shortlist the cooler bags with ease

The Latest List of Custom Cooler Bags – Refreshed Up To The Minute!


Like any promotional item, marketers should consider the budget they have before shopping for custom cooler bags. If you have a modest budget you can choose simple models without compromising on the quality. More the capacity and features, more will be the price rate of cooler bags. Match a cooler type that matches your budget and impress your target audience!

Get it aligned with your brand’s identity

If your brand takes credit to its fun vibes, choose models like Cooler Bags with BBQ Set
or backpack coolers that are well suited for tailgate parties, BBQ and other fun outdoor parties.

Cooler Bags with BBQ Set

Size matters

Size is an important factor while choosing a cooler. So, spare a thought at the needs of your target audience and choose an appropriate sized model. For instance, if you have a family audience to reach out to, larger models like 9 cans or 12 cans capacity will be a better choice. While choosing gifts for your employees, you can choose a bigger  sized cooler keeping in mind their outdoor party needs and shenanigans.

Orchard 24-Can Barrel Coolers

Material and imprint type

Coolers are available in a variety of material choices ranging from polyester to canvas and more. Choose a material that is long lasting and fashionable. Customization is the key factor that will make your custom cooler bags gift stand out. You can opt for a 4-color process imprint for a vibrant output that will make heads turn. Engraved or embroidered imprint options are also available for some models that will ensure additional texture and life to your logo.

Cooler bags are not just functional but make fashionable party accessories that get a lot of eyeballs in the social circles of your recipients. So, make sure that the bag you choose is not just  fully functional but trendy as well. It will be a tempting reason for your recipients to share space with these stylish cooler bags on their instagram page while your brand visibility gets a boost.

Six Pack Cooler Bags


Cooler bags are designed to keep  food stuff fresh and well insulated outdoors. So, make sure that the cooler bags you choose have superior quality PEVA lining insulation that will ensure a higher insulation  for the contents stored inside.

Now that you have the best tips to choose custom cooler bags, you can make a well informed decision and shop with confidence.