Holiday Gift Trends 2020 Forecast

 The end-of-year holiday gift season is right here and it is time for businesses and organizations to reach out to their clients and express their gratitude with some really nice gift ideas. This year, we have much to be thankful for- though for an odd set of reasons. Businesses have ample reasons to stay optimistic and upbeat as they hope for a better year ahead.

For everyone, the holiday gift ideas might be different than the previous years in the post pandemic new normal world.  Here is a forecast on the likely trending holiday gift ideas that are both effective and align with the present scenario that everyone is  going through.


Holiday Gifts

Health & Wellness items

Indeed 2020, has turned out to a great time for self-care.  Suddenly health and wellness become the top priority in everyone’s lists as people were forced to take extra care of their physical and mental well being.

Personal care promotional items that are both practical and pampering will make a perfect choice. You have an eclectic selection of custom gifts including hand sanitizers, face masks, no touch tools and a lot more. Businesses can even set up their own custom self-care kits by combining products like , lip balm, sanitizers, wet wipes, scented candle, spa items  etc to show that your business cares about the health and happiness of clients.

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Assorted Custom Gift Sets

Looking for something different and varied in holiday gifts that will go well with your brand image? You can mix and match from various gift choices rather than going for standard gift options. It will help you to cater to the specific preferences of your audience as well. A bouquet of hand-picked personalized gifts will leave a lasting impression among your audience than any stock gifts.

Feel good gifts

Food and candy: Chocolates are proven stress busters that will leave your prospects happy and energetic.  Choose from a wide range of custom food and candy items and customize it to make it special. While your audience gets their sugar fix, your brand and message will enjoy a neat display and word of mouth publicity.

Ballotin Gift Box with Milk & Dark Chocolate Truffles

Toys and game: whether it is the rubber ducks, plush animals donning imprinted t shirts, a stack of  playing cards or the old  favorite of Yo Yo, you have a lot of options to choose in custom toys. Customize to make your brand part of their happy memories.

Custom Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirts

Stress relievers: Stress balls are available  in various shapes, colors and sizes and the best part is that these will take the beating of  their distressed masters around with a wide grin. Think of fun quotes or witty artwork to bring a smile on the faces and cheer your clients and customers in no time.

Mood Maniac Wobbler-Happy Stress Relievers

Coloring books and crayons make great holiday gifts. These stress busters can stimulate brain and help your prospects to recharge and restart afresh

Fitness items: As gyms, yoga studios and Zumba dance schools have been lying closed for some time now, your prospects will surely appreciate fitness items like yoga mats, jump ropes or exercise bands. Choose from a wide range of models at every price rates. Customize it with your message to get your audience think and talk about your brand in their leisure hours.

Full Length Yoga Mats and Case

Kitchen gifts

As people have more time to try out their favorite recipes and enjoy the goodness of home cooked meals,  kitchen logo items like cutting boards, apron, mitts, knife sets, measuring spoons etc will make great handouts to consider.  Kitchen custom gifts will stay in plain view of the audience always and even make interesting banter topics among family and friends circles.

 Bamboo Cutting Boards

Seasonal staples

Winter is around the corner; so it makes sense to include some winter apparels like jackets and hoodies into your promotional gift list. Blankets and  apparel accessories  like beanies and toques are likely to be popular this season. Choose from a palette of festive colors and prints and spread the festive cheer.

Kinney Packable Jackets for Women

Now that you have a fair idea of the most trending holiday gifts for 2020, get started on a sure footing and shop for the best gifts in town for your clients and customers.