Top Promotional Giveaways for Emerging Industries

This period has not been easy for a lot of businesses. The pandemic has turned the business world on its heads where thriving industries became less important and new niches became blue chip entities- in a few months.

 Plenty of companies have been struggling due to the pandemic disruption; however on the brighter side some industries have been doing exceptionally well and faring  well against the odds. Take a look at some of the emerging industries that are likely to remain on the top of the list in the new normal world.


IT industry

It is no brainer why Information technology and digital marketing are likely to be the most talked about industries in 2020. With businesses moving online and learning and shopping becoming virtual, there is a heavy demand for Internet & E-commerce,  IT Services and software development. The rise in demand for these core job sectors is quite expected as businesses adapt to a fully virtual world for running their business.

The pandemic has set off a digital transformation of work places at a greater pace than never before. As employees participate in Zoom meetings and virtual trades hows, the working style has undergone a smart makeover. The use of internet during the pandemic has risen by 50 per cent in some parts of the world as most areas of daily lives moved online. In the near future, job opportunities in automation, digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will make the corner stone of the economy of most countries.

IT businesses can reinforce their brand positioning by handing out custom giveaways like  wireless charging pads, UV sanitization kits, wireless speakers, earbuds and a lot of tech accessories that will complement  their business line. Customize these products with your brand and message to  use it as corporate gifts, advertising items  staff incentives and more.

Ring Series Water-Resistant Wireless Speakers


The medical and healthcare industry has been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.  Health care facilities can consider appropriate handouts like sanitizers, filtration masks, gowns, gloves, safety goggles and more for their staff  and customers. It will go a long way to enhance the personal safety awareness among the audience while promoting your brand.

2 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gels

Construction Industry

Though the industry is on a down turn, it is well poised for a quick recovery in the immediate future. More than 83% of contractors say their revenue will increase or remain about the same in the next year and are confident of getting new business opportunities and attract more skilled workers. The construction industry is  a core niche that help to  keep any country running and to build critical infrastructure like hospitals, testing facilities and other utilities.

Construction businesses can choose from a wide range of interesting and budget friendly handouts that will literally put your brand right in front of the audience. Some of the choices to consider include hard hat shaped stress relievers, multifunction pliers with tools,  torpedo levels, pencils, notepads and a lot more.

Metal Multi-Function Pliers with Tools and Flashlight in Case

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