Custom Wellness Products-Thoughtful Handouts For The New Normal World

In the post pandemic world, custom health and wellness products have become a perfect gift choice for virtually everyone. Here are some great handouts that will keep your clients and employees robust, healthy and happy during the holidays- both at home and on the move!


  No-touch tools

Help your clients avoid touch points and filthy surfaces and  keep the hands clean even when they go about their routine activities. These versatile custom no-touch tools are perfect for opening doors, pushing buttons, carrying bags and so much more. Choose from various models and color choices , customize it with your message or artwork and Voila you are all set to have the best handouts of the season.

Anti Germ Utility Tools

PPE kits

Handy all- in- one PPE kits that include everything that your recipients may need to ensure their personal hygiene including sanitizers, gloves, face masks etc – packed in a sleek travel kit. Make sure that your recipients will never forget to carry their basic essentials every time while your message imprinted on the kit will get easy eyes on it. These make great handouts for retail stores, schools hospitality industry etc.

Airplane Pockets Basics PPE Travel Kit

Hand sanitizer

Available in various models like gel, spray and liquid, hand sanitizers will make it easy to ensure hand hygiene for your prospects anytime, anywhere. Choose travel size models or carabiner bottles that can be attached to purses, backpacks and bags.

Hand Sanitizer Gels

Face masks

Custom face masks are available in a palette of interesting colors and prints for your prospects to match with their apparel style and seasonal colors. Choose from a wide range of models for both kids and adults, customize it  with your message and show that you care!

 Dye Sublimated 3-Layer Mask

Disposable soap sheets

Another handy choice to ensure safe and clean hands is hand soap sheets. These make great handouts for hotels, fitness centers etc.

 Hand Soap Sheets in Compact Travel Case

Water bottles

Staying hydrated is the best way to stay healthy. Encourage your recipients to carry water and liquids wherever they go by handing out these sleek custom water bottles; you can choose from a wide range of models including insulated metal tumblers or plastic tumblers among others. Your message on it will go the distance and travel well with your audience to spread the word far and wide.

26 Oz Powder Coated Hydro-Soul Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Wheat lunch sets 

Your recipients can easily carry home cooked , healthy meals and snacks in these wheat straw containers. It makes a nice gift for employees or returning students. This ecofriendly lunch box will keep food and snacks fresh. Check out interesting models like lunch containers with phone stands that ensure a hands free way for your recipients to watch their favorite movie or podcast during snack time.

Wheat Lunch Sets with Phone Holder

Lip balm

Winter is all about dry and chapped lips and that is what makes custom lip balm a great gift choice for mailer campaigns and trade shows. Choose from a wide range of flavors that your audience will like.

Cube Shaped Vanilla Scented Lip Moisturizers

 Looking for similar custom gifts? Browse our complete line of health and wellness products to ensure a healthy audience and a healthy brand display!