Custom Promotional Items for Pet Care Industry- Must Read

Over 70% of households own pets in America and the numbers are growing. Post pandemic as most people are working from home they find pets a perfect way to stay relaxed during this unusual time.


Choose from a wide variety of promotional pet supplies and pet care products in every price rate and impress the pet owners. From bowls, to safety tags, leashes and dog treats and more, there is something special for every budget. Toys like flyers are popular among both humans and pets alike. These logo products will ensure extra brand exposure dog parks, beach, hiking trails and more. The big plus is that these well retained custom items will get a lot of attention from not just the pet owners but anyone who happens to see these.

Treats are perfect giveaways for any pet business! Custom dog bones and other treats will impress the audience. Your business name imprinted on these delightful treats will remain on top of their minds for a long time.  Branded dog treats also make nice additions for dog-friendly restaurants and hotels.

Imprinted Doggie Bags with Dog Bones

Daily essentials

There is whole range of essential pet products that pet owners need for their pets on a daily basis. Food bowls, brushes, printed collars, waste bag dispensers and leashes are some of the many custom gifts to consider.

Pet Waste Bags Dispensers

The consistent use and massive imprint space of these products will ensure the ultimate branding opportunity for  pet sitting businesses or pet trainers. It will not just enhance the pet keeping experience of the owners but will make your brand part of their pet care routine.

H2O On the Go Pet Bowls

Pet food scoop will make it easy for the pet owners that help to manage food proportions appropriately and ensure that their pets get the recommended measure of food.  Pair it with pet bowls to make a perfect gift for new pet owners. It makes a handy way to ensure proper nutrition and hydration of pets on the go or at home.

 Pet Food Scoop and Clips

Bandanas: Pets are part of the family for most people. Let the pet owners deck up their bundles of joy with these colorful bandanas to steal a few easy glances at dog parks and supermarkets.

22 Inch Large Triangle Bandanas

LED pet safety lights will be a great choice while walking pets at night as these will keep the pets visible for motorists and safe on the road.

 LED Dog Bone Safety Pet Light

Owning pets can be a challenge, but pet businesses can make it easier for their customers by handing out appropriate pet care items that will ensure that both the pet parents and the pets remain happy.