The Best Promotional Water Bottles For Your 2023 Events

We are only a few days into 2023 and it will be interesting to explore the latest trends and colors to watch out for in custom giveaways . This post delves deeper into the possible best selling models in printed water bottles this year. These drinkware items are available in a wide variety of models including those with vacuum insulation, carabiner features and even those that change colors before your eyes!

Reusable water bottles have indeed become a great choice among marketers for its ecofriendly features. Apart from highlighting the social commitment of marketers, reusable water bottles will also spread awareness about plastic pollution and inspire more people to switch to reusable models.

 Custom water bottles will definitely make great trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, back to school swag and more. Water bottles are also available in various material choices. The most popular of which is plastic followed by metal like stainless steel and aluminum . Glass bottles are classic indeed. So, if you have been looking to narrow the choices down to find the best water bottles for your business, these tips will help.

Plastic bottles

Plastic water bottles are one of the most cost effective and popular. In addition, these BPA free bottles are available in a wide palette of colors. There are even models that will let you mix and match the lid colors to create the best look . Light weight and easy to carry, these bottles are also incredibly popular among all types of audience groups including students, professionals and sports personnel among others. On the flip side, plastic bottles are not insulated to keep water cold or hot as desired.

24 Oz Slim Fit Water Bottles with Flip Straw Lid is all set to be a popular choice.

If you are looking for a fun twist, settle for these 24 Oz Custom Printed Color Changing Water Bottles  that will make eyes pop and get your prospects engaged with your message easily.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles will ensure a refreshing sip of water everytime. Further, it wont retain the flavors or taste of drinks held previously and will ensure a steady supply of pure water every time. Besides, these are available in various sizes and colors. However, these bottles may not be a good option for people on the go due to its brittle design. 18 Oz Customized Kai Glass Bottles will obviously make a great choice in glass bottles.

Vacuum Insulated bottles

Vacuum insulated double wall bottles are great for marathons, game days, road trips and even for homes and offices. Sleek strong and reusable, these bottles will also keep the liquids hot or cold as desired for as many as 6 hours. In addition, you can choose from various models and capacities.

The insulated design will make these water bottles ideal for all seasons and occasions. The trendy and classic colors and prints of these water bottles will easily impress people. Make the best use of the high visibility imprint space on the bottles to place your logo.  Long lasting and ecofriendly, these won’t end up in landfills quickly as well. Moreover, you can go for a high-end look with these insulated bottles that will appease even your top clients. Our vote for the best bottle in this category goes to 20 Oz AquaSoul™ Double Wall Insulated Water Bottles

Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Plain water can be boring especially for kids! Level up your hydration by including your favorite fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or pineapples to enjoy a great drink throughout a busy day. Arena Eco-Polyclear PET Infuser Bottles with Flip-Up Lid that offer a trendy color options will make a perfect choice. Best of all, these  BPA Free, fruit infuser water bottles are made in USA.

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