Promotional Giveaways for American Heart Month – February 2023

February is American heart month. It is a great time to spread awareness about nutrition, exercise and stress management that influence heart health. Reports show that one in four deaths in the U.S. is attributed to heart disease.Businesses that wish to promote this social cause can think of hosting health runs, free medical camps. Including heart shaped custom handouts in your promotions is another way to promote the event.

Starting with education, health care professionals and organizers can also highlight the importance of making life style changes to prevent heart disease. Wearing red on the first Friday of February is another way to extend our support to the cause.

How To Observe American Heart Month

The best way to protect your heart is to stay active, reduce stress and eat a balanced diet. So, inspire your employees to adopt a heart-healthy habit. Making small changes in the life style including walking to office instead of using car, replacing soda with water or taking stairs in place of elevators are some of the many steps that can make a huge difference. Spread awareness by holding heart health events to help your prospects to learn about the risk factors for heart disease and the ways to stay healthy.

Include Heart shaped giveaways in branding

Promotional heart shaped giveaways are an effective yet subtle way to drive up the message. Here are a few giveaways that everyone will love fro the bottom of their hearts- literally!

Heart Stress Balls

Stress and heart disease are linked to each other because stress can lead to high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, and heart disease. So, these custom red heart shaped stress relievers will make a great way to promote your business while helping your recipients to manage stress and take care of their hearts.

Heart shaped jump ropes

Jump rope is the best and one of the simplest ways to stay active and burn calories. Customize these with your brand and message  to raise awareness of how work outs are good for your heart. It will make your brand popular among both young and young at heart at once

Heart shaped sticky notes

Although we live in a digital world , a sticky note on the work desk is  constant in most offices and homes even today. Useful to leave notes for each other, write down shopping lists or scribble down random thoughts, sticky notes are cute and useful. Plus it’ll have a pride of place on the fridge, and your recipients will see your message every day.  Thus it will spread awareness about National Heart Month and your brand several times a day. Plus, since they are heat shaped, it will match easily with your theme of heat health.

Heart-Shaped hot and cold packs

These heart-shaped hot and cold packs are  great heart giveaway ideas. Useful and thoughtful at the same time, these ice packs come handy during sprain and aches. Designed to use it as cold packs and hot press, these logo items will make popular giveaways that everyone will find  useful.

In addition, these giveaways will also spread the message about the importance of relaxation and self-care for good heart health. All you need to do is microwave or freeze the pack that easily conforms to your body for quick pain relief. Customize it with your brand and message to make great promotional items for salons, spas or fitness centers during National Heart Month.

Heart shaped Pen

This elegant double heart pen will tug the hearts of your audience easily, while adding  a touch of class to your promotions. Flaunting an upscale look, these pens have a great price too. Best of all anyone would love to reach out for these pens for taking notes. These everyday items will thus ensure incredible  brand exposure for your company not just  during  National Heart Month but beyond as well.

Need more heart health giveaways that spread your message and make heart stronger?  Feel free to call our experts for more promotional ideas and gift tips.