The Best Oktoberfest Party Ideas From Party Pros

Oktoberfest is a German festival alright but it is celebrated in various parts of the US with fizz and fervor though it may not be as popular as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas festivities in the country. Oktoberfest makes a great excuse to grab a few drinks and to let one’s hair down with buddies and some great music! The largest folk festival of its kind in the whole world, Oktoberfest has inspired various similar festivals across Europe and America, which shows its incredible popularity.

The Best Oktoberfest Party Ideas From Party Pros

History of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest celebration is held every year in Munich, Germany from the third Saturday in September to the first weekend in October. Held since 1810, this festival draws millions of revelers to the city. From beer and brats to parades and outdoor fun, Oktoberfest has all the staples of a great festival of fun and frenzy for everyone. Some of the hangout spots in America that the beer lovers can never overlook during Oktoberfest include Tulsa, Frankenmuth, Torrance and Texas among others. Celebrate beer and its amazing popularity in the country by handing out appropriate custom gifts that will promote your brand and awareness about this festival.

Traditional Bavarian beer in tons is consumed during Oktoberfest along with an assortment of dishes like roasted chicken and pork, bread dumplings and pretzels among others. The event that spans over 16 days will unveil a carnival like atmosphere with music, dance and entertainment.
If you are planning to organize a party on this occasion, we have some great party planning tips for you.

The menu card for the day will be heavily punctuated with jars of heady beer to wash down roasted meat and grilled delicacies. Custom beer steins will make a great party favor for the day as these are functional barware items that will get used for a long time. You can include your favorite items in the menu; however make sure that the traditional Bavarian dishes are not overlooked.

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Oktoberfest looks like a summer Bavaria to an ordinary pair of eyes. With beer stealing the center stage and the spotlight, you can include beer pitchers and beer taps in the theme to enhance the party feel and to ensure a nonstop supply of their favorite drink. Beer mugs and pint glasses will make great party favors to consider on this occasion. Personalize these with your brand and message and hand these out to your guests for them to take home as souvenirs.

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Personalized glass beer growlers make interesting gifts for any beer lover. Though the main idea of this festival is the overindulgence in beer, make sure that your guests stay safe from drunken brawls and drunken driving.

Party supplies

Stick to the popular blue-and-white check design in your table supplies and decorations. Harvest based decor like pumpkins, gourds and straw baskets can also be included in the theme. Make sure to have some Bavarian themed banners to round off the party feel.

Costume theme

Get your guests into the spirit of this German celebration with the right costume themes like traditional German costumes including corsets, aprons for women. Men can settle for something snazzy like the classic Bavarian lederhosen with a button-up short sleeve shirt, dark shorts and suspenders. A feathered Tyrolean hat will make a perfect way to top off.

Make sure to send costume ideas and instructions along with the invitation to enable your guests to bring along the right attitude and party mood. Happy Oktoberfest!

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