Promotional Glassware for Oktoberfest – A Quick Guide

Oktoberfest might be a German festival by origin but Americans too love to celebrate it in style and raise a toast to beer, the most popular drink in the country. For marketers who are planning to make Oktoberfest their promotional theme will find custom glassware a perfect gift item to consider. But how to pick up the best glassware items and how beer style glasses differ from each other?promotional-glassware-for-oktoberfest-a-quick-guide

A perfect beer glass will accentuate the pleasure of the brew for your recipients and will make your brand part of their happy hours. From flutes to snifters and steins there are a lot of choices on offer and handing out the most appropriate beer glass will please the beer connoisseurs in your customer list.

Here are some of the custom glassware items that your patrons will surely love this festive season.

Wine glass types and their special features

Classic flutes: These are perfect for champagne, prosecco, vintage wines, favorite reds, blush or whites. These glasses can also be used to serve different cocktails and appetizers. The thick stem offers firm grip and prevent the champagne from warming up due to the hand warmth. Imprint your brand and message on these glassware items and see how these messages enjoy a wide display for a long time even after the fizz of Oktoberfest celebrations dies down.Customized 6 Oz Classic Flutes

10 Oz Napa Wine Goblets Custom printed 10 Oz Napa wine goblets will allow your customers to relax and sip their ale. Perfect for serving wines, champagne or prosecco, these glasses have a square shaped stem and balloon body that add up to its appearance. These make perfect party favors, employee gifts and promotional items. Price includes online design proof and artwork assistance.Custom Printed 10 Oz Napa Wine Goblets

Both goblets and flute have a long and wrought shape and small opening, which will not let the carbon dioxide evaporate quickly and retain the fizz of the drinks for a longer duration. The fine vapors of carbon dioxide appear as rough spots in the glass, the so called fizz-spots to add up to the cocktail experience.

12.75 Oz Wine Tasters: These wide mouthed glasses are just right to serve red wines like Grenache, Malbec or Merlot among others. These glassware items allow you the recipients to enjoy the aroma as the larger surface area ensure that the wine comes in contact with more air thereby spreading its flavor.Personalized 12.75 Oz Wine Tasters

Stemless White Wine Glasses: The upright white wine glass bowl will let off the aromas easily all the while keeping the wine well chilled. For serving younger whites, glasses with a slightly larger opening are preferred as it directs the wine to the tip and sides of the tongue for the users to savor its sweet taste. Tall and straight glasses are preferred for more mature white wines.Custom Printed Stemless White Wine Glasses

Full Color 12 Oz Wine Tumblers: These customized wine tumblers made of clear SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) plastic stands out for the colorful stem and the multi colored beads on the stem. These wine tumblers make perfect giveaways for pubs, bars, party suppliers, wineries, vineyards and more.Personalized Full Color 12 Oz Wine Tumblers

Browse our collection to choose appropriate glassware to serve the sparklers and wines and make your Oktoberfest promotions a great hit!

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