Promotional Products For Generation Z – Trends And Tips

Millennials or generation Z are the biggest movers and shakers of market trends today. This youthful community comprising of over 90 million Americans already accounts for $44 billion in buying power and make 40% of all consumers. Businesses looking for custom gifts that will appease this audience will find the trends listed below useful while choosing custom gifts.

Tech Accessories- Handouts They Will Use Every Day

Mobile  Accessories

Smartphones are something Millennials grew up with! On a rough estimate they spend 15.4 hours a week on their devices. So, mobile accessories imprinted with your brand and business will be a good choice to consider. The Generation Next  find it impossible to function without their smart phones as these provide entertainment, connectivity, information and a lot more at the touch of a finger. Every time they listen to their playlist, click some amazing snap shots or play their favorite games, your message imprinted on mobile accessories will get the attention of your young audience. Great additions to your marketing mix, these logo items are available at all price rates as well.

Dual Pocket Slim Silicone Phone Wallets

Budget friendly handouts like phone wallets, pop sockets, earbuds, and chargers are some of the many items that can be considered. Your brand and message imprinted on these custom gifts will never get overlooked for sure.

Imprinted Zipper Earbuds

Tech accessories

Having the latest technology is a status symbol among millennials. So coolest swag like wireless speakers , charging pads etc will make great choices. 60% of Generation Z would prefer such cool products and unique technology. These custom items can easily turn on the young crowd and potential customers at your next event.

RoxBox Cyclone Bluetooth Speakers

Kitchen accessories

Generation Z takes care to eat healthy and relish wholesome and homely meals. Cooking tutorials and Youtube  recipes have made cooking easy and interesting. 7 out of 10 millennials likes to be in control of what to eat. Most millennials consider cooking as a pleasant break from the mundane and a stress buster to try out their favorite dishes that will leave the taste buds pampered. The big plus, they get to do something that is Instagram-worthy!

Three Compartment Food Storage Bento Boxes

Cooking accessories like storage containers, cutting boards, mitts and measuring spoons will make highly functional items for anyone who loves cooking. Needless to say, your brand on these will get the undivided attention of everyone around.

Eco-Friendly Products

76% of Generation Z has a high level of  awareness of environment protection and the impact on human activities on Planet Earth. Always willing to endorse ecofriendly products and life style changes, millennials are inclined to ecofriendly products like cotton tote bags that can be reused and recycled.

 Be it metal water bottles, wooden pens, recycled paper notepdas and more there are a lot of environmentally-friendly items that can be considered as your promotional items.

Wooden Stick Pens

Unisex products

Be it apparels or sunglasses , millennials make a demographic that is truly interested in unisex products. Nearly 48% of this consumer group says that they support brands that don’t classify items as male or female. So, it is a strong hint for marketers to include more unisex items in their promotional mix.

Printed Dark Faux Wood Sunglasses

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