Branded Water Bottles Represent High Fashion Today- Must Read

Fashion is not just about flaunting premium branded apparels.  You should complement it with the right accessories to complete your style statement. Be it bags, pens or water bottles, everyone is looking to have the best in their possession. The incredible collection of custom water bottles has literally thrown open the flood gates of fashion, which means marketers have limitless options as never before.

A stylish water bottle will encourage the users to carry their beverages wherever they go. A trendy makeover has set in on these nondescript everyday items of water bottles. Be it to the school, road trips, gym or to office, everyone likes the idea of having a unique bottle to meet their hydration needs. It is a trend even among celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Reese Witherspoon to show off their stylish bottles in instagram pics.


For marketers, it makes a red hot trend in promotional items that they can exploit. Get your brand and message imprinted on these items for your tradeshows or store promotions and set off effective word of mouth publicity. Celebrate the emerging stardom of water bottles and gain incredible brand exposure by including some of the smoking hot custom water bottles in your marketing mix

Reusable water bottles are a fad among the health conscious, the socially committed and the nature conscious groups of people, which has resulted in an astonishing spike in its popularity. Available in a range of colors, models and brands, reusable water bottles get used every day, thereby creating valuable impressions for your brand.

Why water bottles?

By putting your brand on a trendy, thermal insulated and travel friendly water bottle like 20 Oz AquaSoul™ Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles you can easily pique interest of the users, build up a buzz for your event while getting everyday exposure for your brand.  Your recipients will earn the bragging rights for their life and some breathtaking snapshots to show off on social media to make their followers jealous.

20 Oz AquaSoul™ Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

Water bottles make great handouts during marathons, game days, trade shows and any other outdoor event. By putting your brand and message on these trendy drinkware items, you can easily engage your audience with your brand and draw their attention.

Highlight your eco-friendly credentials

Reusable bottles will not end up in the landfills and make a great handout during green themed events like Earth Day or fund raising events for non profits. By making reusable bottles part of your marketing mix you can be part of lessening the negative impact on the environment and be socially committed. Stay fashion forward and promote your business with these branded water bottles that will encourage your recipients to have their daily intake of water.

Here are some interesting models that you can consider

28 Oz Polyclear Gripper Bottles: A comfort grip design, ample capacity and brilliant color choices- You cannot ask for more on a hot day outdoors!

Promotional 28 Oz Polyclear Gripper Bottles

25 Oz Aluminum Bike Bottle: Explore and experience the thrills and spills of biking trips at its best. These FDA approved and BPA free aluminum bottles will make your great companions.

Custom Imprinted 25 Oz Aluminum Bike Bottle

Arsenal Vacuum Bottle: These stylish metal water bottles in attractive colors will make a great tool in the arsenal to fight the heat woes. Your brand imprinted on these will get a fresh appeal.

17 Oz Promotional Arsenal Vacuum Bottle

The best part about these fashionable water bottles is that people will simply love to carry them wherever they go. Exploit this fashion trend to turn the tides in your favor!

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