Simple Promotional Ideas for Earth Day 2022

Earth Day, dating back to 1970 continues to be a strong reminder about the importance of sustainable development. Businesses too can play their part to highlight environmental concerns and raising public awareness about living in sync with nature.

April 22nd will mark the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day this year. Since our earth is changing at an alarming rate, it is the responsibility of every single individual to reverse the ill effects of global warming and make the planet a better place to live for the future generations.

Earth day green background illustration

Here are some promotional ideas and eco-friendly promotional items for Earth day events for businesses, and community organizations. Earth Day is not being green one day a year. It is a great opportunity to remind customers and employees of your commitment to the cause through Earth Day promotions. It will inspire them to adopt ecofriendly initiatives in their everyday lives as well.

 Here are some inspiring  giveaway ideas for your business to show that you care for the world and the fellow citizens

Ecofriendly Custom giveaways

 Handing out custom ecofriendly giveaways like wheat tumblers, wooden cutting boards or paper pens will make a great way to leave a statement in the minds of the audience on Earth Day. Further, customize it with your logo, Earth day message and artwork to make it special. These custom giveaways will also serve as subtle reminders of the golden rule of reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Adopt a park

Give back to the community while doing something good for the planet by encouraging your employees to adopt a community garden. While it enhances the beauty of the neighborhood, your brand name gets exposure within the community. It is indeed a great way to get the support of the local community in your green initiatives like planting trees or offering reusable everyday items like bags. It will definitely strengthen relationships within teams while giving a boost to your green initiatives.

Online Earth Day contests

Highlight the ecofriendly credentials of your business by hosting caption contests or earth Day photography contests with prizes to win. Wooden pens or cotton tote bags are some of the many gift ideas that can be considered. Print earth day quotes and artwork to make it truly special.

Choose an eco-friendly activity

Also, take up an ecofriendly project or activity for your company that can be repeated year after year. For instance, you can think of replacing disposable plastic mugs  in office with branded mugs that can be washed and reused for a long time. Announce incentives for employees to promote cycling and walking to office instead of using fuel guzzling cars. Promote carpooling and public transport wherever possible. These simple steps can go a long way for your business to recognize Earth Day and participate in the initiative in some way.

 Have a better idea to celebrate Earth day ? Share it with us to join an interesting conversation.