Popular Dental Care Promotional Giveaways

A smile is indeed a curve that sets things straight! However to get  the patients turn up for their dental check- up.  dentists should create a sense of trust in their minds.

Fear of the dentist is real. So, highlighting the friendly profile of your dentist office will go a long way in putting you ahead of the competition. Free gifts, that make dental care easier is the best way to break the ice and draw your patients closer to your business.

Here are some dental promotional giveaways that will both benefit your patients while displaying your brand. Win-win

A woman is smiling while being at the dentist
Custom Dental Floss

You can hand out patients a toothbrush and floss as they register for appointment and head in through the door. Customize your dental floss with your logo, message or taglines to make it more effective. You can even distribute these custom giveaways for office visits and industry events to spread the word . It will surely make people feel inspired. Cute quotes or slogans will add a fun twist to the mundane task of flossing and can even make it more interesting.

Dental-Themed Stress Balls

Give every patient their own stress reliever, which will come handy not just during dental procedures but even in their everyday lives. The tooth shaped quirky stress relievers will get a lot of eye balls for sure.

Tooth shaped Sticky Note Pads

These interestingly shaped notepads will grab easy attention, everytime your recipients jot down quick notes and reminders. It will indeed make a tangible brand reminder of your dental care facility for sure.

Toothbrush and Toothbrush Covers 

First things first! Any dental care routine starts with a toothbrush. It will help them to perfect the technique of perfect brushing while your message stays in their plain view. You can even pair it up with antibacterial tooth brush covers that will keep the brushes safe and sterile in their cosmetic bags  in public restrooms.

Travel tooth brush in foldable cover is another interesting gift choice The hygienic cover doubles as toothbrush handle and will fold down when not in use and will extend to become a full size 7 ⅛” toothbrush when needed. These travel staples will indeed put your brand on a wide display  wherever your recipients go.

Dental kits

If you are looking for a value added gift for your regular clients or during special events custom dental kits will make a great choice. It includes a plastic mint card, a tooth brush, dental floss, and also a lip moisturizer. It will help your customers to meet all their dental needs while travelling.

Looking for more?  Feel free to reach out to our team to get the best suggestions on popular custom dental products.