Show The Power of Pink with Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways

The month of October is observed as breast cancer awareness month to empower people to wage a winning battle against this disease. Businesses  can play their part in spreading the message and highlight their Corporate Social Responsibility, which has become an important element in contemporary business practices. Besides, most consumers tend to support companies that support social issues rather than those that just generate profits.

Breast cancer awareness has become a powerful movement all over the world for a social cause that has touched the lives of millions. Businesses by aligning their brand to such social causes will get the loyalty and support of their prospects. People remember such brands for some great reasons.

The most effective way for businesses to show support to this cause is including ribbon shaped and pink colored awareness products in their promotional plan. Add your logo on these giveaways to show your commitment to society  beyond just make profit.  As you align values with your action, it will also create a positive impression about your organization for sure.

Here are some breast cancer awareness giveaways that will help you to communicate your commitment towards this important social cause.


Custom T shirts with your logo and message are perfect giveaways to employees, customers, and volunteers to spread the  word wherever they go. Your prospects will surely be happy to wear these apparels that are not just comfortable but also supports a cause the world cares about!


Wristbands are universally popular as awareness giveaways. These wearable custom giveaways with your message will never get overlooked and will even spread your message easily. Budget friendly and easy to distribute, these logo items are perfect for awareness events and fundraisers. Moreover it will foster a feeling of unity and solidarity among everyone who wear them.Putting your logo on pink awareness products will take your brand value to a new high. Moreover, it will show your social commitment, which in turn will enhance loyalty among your customers.

Tote bags

Reusable tote bags are  useful and eco-friendly in equal measures. So,  by customizing tote bags you can highlight your responsibility to  sustainability and social cause at the same time.

Ribbon shaped items

Pink ribbon has always been the symbol of breast cancer awareness events  across the world. Choose from a  wide range of  ribbon shaped items like car magnets, pens, stress relievers, magnetic clips  and so on. Customize with your logo and awareness message to stay in plain sight of your prospects. These are also perfect as fund raising items.  Take advantage of the low sticker price of these logo items and sell it at a higher price to raise funds for the cause to make the campaign successful.

A pink ribbon is a symbol of breast cancer awareness that creates emotional connections as well.  So, by associating your logo with such products, you can create a strong bonding between your brand and your audience. Every time your recipients see these giveaways they will commit themselves to the cause yet again.

Pins and Buttons

Small but effective, these full color pins and buttons can be attached to the clothing or bags. It is also a cute way to spread the awareness message. People will surely be proud to wear these to show their support for a cause.

Water bottles

Water bottles are not just everyone needs in their daily lives but are also  highly visible items. Every time  your recipients  carry water bottles to work or fitness centers, it will highlight your social commitment while making more people aware of this message!

Moreover, by investing in custom Pink awareness products, your message will get an incredible display in various settings, from workplaces to parks, gym and homes. This amplified exposure will go a long way in making your social message reach a wider audience. Shop right now!