Custom Can Coolers- Make Brand Impressions On The Go

Summer accounts for one of the best and busiest times of the year for marketers to take their branding outdoors. If you are looking for a budget friendly giveaway that everyone loves, whether kids or adults, custom koozies will make an obvious choice!  Cost effective and practical, these drinkware items will  take your message far and wide while giving your recipients something to keep their beverage cold this summer

Can coolers are available in many shapes and colors. So, you can literally choose a model that will match your corporate colors. You can even add a punch line that will stand out and catches everybody’s eyes on the beach! Easy to customize and  distribute, these light weight giveaways are even perfect as mailer items!

Why Can Coolers are Great

The adaptability of can coolers makes it ideal for all types of businesses. Everyone uses can coolers to keep their beverages cold for a longer time during summer. In addition, they come in one size that fits most cans. You can also choose bottle can holders that will fit most standard size bottles. It means you have a functional giveaway that your prospects will use all summer long.

Cost effective

The low price advantage is another winning card of can coolers. If you wish to enhance your brand visibility without breaking your budget, custom can coolers will make a great choice.


Can coolers look fresh as new and last long! So by putting your dollars on such a product you are rest assured of consistent impressions at one time cost!  Even if they get stored away in  the winter months, they will pop out again each summer, putting your logo top of their minds each time.

Easy to distribute

With custom can coolers , marketers can literally make  their message reach the farthest  because they are light weight and easy to distribute. No matter whether you choose to give it in person or  through mailers , can coolers will fit your bills .  It is  easy to store or carry them around, which in turn will make a great giveaway for all types of events including unplanned ones.

In addition, custom can coolers are ideal for any summer outdoor event. Whether it is golf holidays, outdoor business events or game days, there are a lot of events where you can hand out custom koozies as giveaways.

Fun to customize

Marketers can leave the best first impression among their audience by choosing full color  imprints or artwork. Being small and compact, can coolers often double up as business cards with a greater branding potential. While paper cards are more likely to get discarded or lost, can cooler will keep your message in eye level for a long time. In addition, everyone uses these items often and may even share  it with others. Thus your message will reach a wider audience without any concerted effort from your end.

On the go marketing

Once you hand out custom can coolers, your recipients will take them everywhere they go. Just think of the exposure your message will get during barbecues, camping or beach fun. The marketing potential of custom can coolers is truly incredible!
Wish to make custom can coolers your swag? Browse our collection to choose a model that you think will fit your promotional needs.