September 5th is National Tailgating Day- How to observe

Every year, First Saturday in September is observed as National Tailgating Day to celebrate the barbecue season and usher in the season of cheering of our favorite teams! Tail gate parties are held outside the stadium before the game starts. The fans of the same team bring food and beverages to eat, make merry and socialize often at the tailgate of a pickup truck or the trunk of a car.

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Tail gate party is a great time to build up a buzz before the game. The main attractions of the event include grilling and beer, not to forget recipe challenges that encourage friendly competition before the game.

Today, tailgating revolves around the sport of football. Interestingly tailgate revelers make a community that comes back every year, to meet and foster the bonds.


Luke Lorick, president of Tailgating Challenge, founded National Tailgating Day in 2016 to share his passion for sport. The joy and friendship fostered by tailgating is cherished by many Americans.

For businesses planning a sports themed event, sports leagues and communities can handout custom giveaways to cheer for their home team and spread the spirit of game far and wide.

BBQ sets

Nothing says tailgating than grilling. Hand out custom BBQ sets for the prospects which will allow them to cook on virtually any surface and pack it easily after that. The convenience, portability and performance of BBQ sets make it well retained handouts even after the tailgate party.

Custom Logo Imprinted 8 Piece BBQ Set

Cooler bags

Cooler bags not just keep drinks cold but drive up the fun of the tailgate!  Choose from various models with varying capacities to cater to your group. Keep the drinks well chilled. You can even carry your favorite beverage on ice with some cooler bags that are available in various models and fabric choices. Put your brand on to stay spotted!

Budget Kooler Bags


Add up to the fun of the tailgating day by organizing classic games like Cornhole. It will keep the members fully engaged and in perfect fun mood  as they wait patiently for the whistle of the big game. Need something  different? Yo Yo or playing cards will make great options.

Translucent Plastic Yo-Yo

Folding Chairs

Choose from a wide range of custom folding chairs that are designed to withstand the mayhem of tailgate parties! Light weight yet sturdy, folding chairs are an absolute must during long games, when you want to relax. Easy to pack and carry in the boot of your car, these folding chairs are not just for the tail gate day. These will pop up during camping angling holidays and beach holidays among others

Insulated Cooler Folding Chairs


Wear your team colors, bring your game face and get outside to watch your favorite team play!

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