How Reusable Bags Make a safe Toting Option During The Pandemic

Disposable plastic bags are banned in most parts of the country as more states and cities enforce the ban.  However, post pandemic, plastic bags are making a comeback though in a smaller scale because of the notion that disposable bags are safer to use during the pandemic. However, it has not proven to be correct because the virus can remain infectious on any surface for varying time.

1 According to Greenpeace USA Inc , reusable bags are safe during the pandemic as long as the basic hygiene measures are employed. After your shopping or day out , you can easily wash the bags with soap and water and dry it out to keep it clean and germ free.

 Imprinted Mini Non Woven Polypropylene Tote Bags

If people take adequate personal hygiene measures to protect themselves and others by washing their reusable bags and their hands frequently, the risk is almost nil. Using reusable bags is just like using reusable masks. Proper cleaning is all that is required. Ultimately it is all about personal hygiene than the type of bags we use or the apparels we wear.

Non-Woven Insulated Shopper Tote Bags

In the post pandemic world, reusable models like tote bags have a larger significance. Plastic bags will carry a long trail of touch points right from the  production phase to distribution. When the users carry these bags there is a higher chance of exposure to touch points against reusable bags.

In addition, plastic bags add up to the trash of your homes, which will ultimately make its way to the landfills to choke the planet and leave the soil and water polluted and lifeless. Plastic bags will  only cause additional public health concerns once it is discarded.

Metrohip Shopper Double Handle Non Woven Tote Bags

When you carry your own bags for shopping, you are rest assured that it is properly cleaned and others have not touched it. Apart from going green, it is a great way to stay safe from germs. Available in various models like cotton, canvas and polyester among others, these bags are designed to last long.   In addition,  evidence suggests that the virus does not survive as well on a soft surface like fabric as it does on frequently touched hard surfaces like door knob or elevator buttons.

Convention Tote Bags

Businesses will find reusable bags a great choice as awareness items or fund raising items during the pandemic. Choose from a wide range of models and  fabric choices to suit your budget. Customize these with your logo and message and you have one of the  sustainable and ecofriendly handouts in town.