Custom Stationery Items – the All- Time Favorite Swag for New Year Promotions

New Year promotions and end-of-the-year gift season is inching closer. However, this year businesses may have to fine tune their promotions a bit to suit the unusual times they are going through.  Mailer gifts will be a top priority this year considering the fact that most stores are only partially reopened and the footfalls lower than normal.


Stationery items like custom notebooks and portfolios will make a great choice to consider. Hard to resist and always in use, notebooks enjoy a tremendous popularity in promotional items. Every new notebook is a fresh start!  Whether you use it as corporate gifts, New Year handouts or store promotional items, stationery items ensure the boundless potential of a blank page. Your recipients will find it useful to make notes, reminders, must do things and a lot more plans for the upcoming year.

Stationery products are available in a wide range of models in just about every price rate Whether it is sticky notes , calendars or any other item you have something special for your clients, employees, and friends.

Here are some incredible choices that can be considered


Nobody can ever have enough of these ultimate stationery items of notepads. Your recipients will use these logo items everyday to make plans and follow it. For this price you can’t find a better utility!

Charlotte Journal Notebooks with 7 Colors

Eco-Friendly Stationery Set

Leave a mark with these recyclable, environment- friendly stationery sets without feeling bad about wasting paper. Your logo and message imprinted in full color on the front cover will  get easy attention and show everyone how your company puts clients and the environment first!

Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebooks & Pens

Sticky Notes

Even today, these old fashioned sticky notes still make an easy way for employees to communicate in every office. Leave little instructions, share jokes or let your team know about your home baked pastry in the   refrigerator! it is a personal way to exchange information and ideas. Choose from a range of sizes, colors and models to suit your theme.

Static Self-Stick Notes


Planners are useful to be organized though the task lists for people. It makes a wonderful asset for employees and clients. It will help your recipients to stay on top of things and ensure that they stay on schedule as well. You can choose from weekly, monthly and daily planners and from a range of interesting templates.

2020 Monthly Pocket Planner


Calendars are where people refer their holidays and look forward to important days and events for the month. Everyone will  mark down important things so they can longingly gaze at them while your logo remains in their eye span. Custom calendars are probably the only custom items that will surely be looked at every day of the year!

Printed An American Illustrator Spiral Wall Calendars - 2020

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