Satiate Your Branding Needs with Foldable Custom Water Bags

Now that the summer is almost here, most people are making plans for road trips, beach holidays and camping days. Staying hydrated is the best way to stay on top of your health during holidays and road trips.

Water Bag2

This blog features some of the latest collapsible custom water bags that are truly convenient!  Your recipients can take their drink on the go without taking up much baggage space; while your brand gets a lot of attention.

CamelBak Hydrobak Hydration Packs: Made of sturdy ripstop material, these trendy water packs are convenient for people on the move. Get your brand embroidered on these to get all eyes on it!

CamelBak Hydrobak Hydration Packs

16 Oz Latitude Flat Bottles This flexible water bag can be folded up and flattened for easy storage. Push pull cap with tether and White strip on the back for identification are major highlights of these custom water bags. Choose from a range of vivid color choices.

16 Oz Latitude Flat Bottles

Easy Tote Water Bags: Made of BPA free and reusable polyethylene, PA plastic and PET plastic, these handy clear tote water bags have 0.75 gallon capacity; great handouts for bikers, hikers and outdoorsy clients.

Imprinted Easy Tote Water Bags

28 Oz Collapsible Bottles: These waterbags collapse when empty and users can save on their storage space. Made from BPA free and FDA approved materials, these bottles also include an unattached container and a push pull lid. Offered in a wide range of colors, these  make perfect handouts for promoting schools, gyms and fitness clubs.

28 Oz Collapsible Bottles

Flip Top Folding Water Bag with Carabiner Clip: Easy to use, these flip open bottles can hold 27 ounces while the large carabiner clip makes it easy to attach it to belt loops and bag straps. Dishwasher safe and freezer safe, these water bags will get your message out to your outdoorsy clients with ease.

Flip Top Folding Water Bag with Carabiner Clip

Hydropouch™ Football Collapsible Water Bottles made of light-weight and bendable Plastic, these bottles stand like a standard bottle when filled with liquid and can be stored flat when not in use. Ideal for cool liquids, they are freezer friendly and have unique football stock-art on front, clear panel back.  These make great handouts for football themed events and game days and to engage the football fans

Hydropouch™ Football Collapsible Water Bottles

Imprinted Hydropouch™ Tire Collapsible Water Bottles: These reusable and BPA-free, freezer safe bottles are designed to hold cool liquids. A plastic sports cap and unique automotive-themed stock-art on front, will make it a perfect handout to promote car dealers and auto themed events.

Imprinted Hydropouch™ Tire Collapsible Water Bottles

We have a lot more; so make sure to drop in and choose a model that meets your needs . Flexi water bags are well suited while working out, during beach holidays or even on the move. Travel light and in style without compromising  functionality with these foldable bottles that will help your recipients stay cool while your brand gets a panoramic display. Shop right away!