7 Ways to Promote Dental Services on National Dentist Day 2020

7 Ways to Promote Dental Services on National Dentist Day 2020

If there is one place on earth people actually hate to go, it would be definitely to the dentist’s! Dentists are often considered as villains for most of the people out there. About 42 percent of Americans are reluctant to visit dentists! This denial in dental service affects majority of the dentists in getting enough patients. And the major reason for this cause is Dental Anxiety!

On March 6th, we are celebrating national Dentist day. This year, let’s bring some awareness regarding dental services and the importance of visiting a dentist once in a while. Let’s promote National Dentist day 2020 by implementing these 7 smile friendly ideas.

One day free dental Camp

Free dental checkups and health awareness campaigns can be initiated by dental clinics to gain attention. One day camps can be informed a month earlier to the public through social media and posters. This can be done either inside your clinic or some outdoor space where there is public footfall. Conducting such campaigns will generate leads as it will bring people for follow ups. New prospects can be rewarded with some promotional gifts or maybe dentist personal cards. After one successful free dental check up, you could inform your prospects to reach out to you in your clinic.

Special day offers

National Dentist day is coming, why don’t you create some offers that make your customers smile out to you? On special days, implement discount offers on selected services and attract your customers. Either you can set a coupon code to generate leads or you can approach the customers with a discount on services for a particular day. Special day offers are attractive among audience and this will generate more leads. For example, on national toothbrush day, 10 % percent off on dental services can be executed and on women’s day, 30% off on all services for all ladies can be initiated.

Promotional Giveaways

Giveaways can never be wrong. Dental giveaways can promote patient loyalty to your services. Personalize your dental clinic on promotional products and hand it out to your customers when they arrive for their regular checkups. Products such as custom printed dental floss, tooth shaped dental floss key chains, and custom imprinted travel toothbrushes, toothpastes and other tooth related products. Print your dental clinic’s name along with the address and phone number to personalize these products.

Social Media presence

Spread smile across the social media. Reach out to potential patients through social media and let them be aware of your brand and services your offer. This can also retain your existing customers in a particular way. You may be having direct conversations with your clients but it is somehow restricted as a patient would only visit you twice or thrice a year. But if you want to keep in touch with your existing customers, reach out to them through social media!

Newsletters and Offer mails

Most of your customers will be local. And hence it is easy to set your target audience. Here is one method you could update your services to your clients. Newsletters! Whenever you are launching a new service, or new equipment or even a dental camp, you can announce it to your audience through these newsletters.

Mobile App

People don’t visit dental clinics not only because of the lack of awareness, but also because of the availability of time! Get yourself a mobile application and allow your patients to book appointment through this app! List the timing slots available for your patients and let them choose their particular time slots to visit you! With this app, you are giving your audience the right to select their time to visit you.

Appointment reminders

Making new customers is vital, but maintaining relationships with the existing customers is mandatory! Send your customers appointment reminders through texts, email or phone calls! Make an effort in getting engagements and make sure that you are keeping it simple and occupied.

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