Proven Summer Marketing Ideas You Can Try

The balmy summer weather and the long holiday list are tempting reasons for the outdoorsy crowd to hit the beaches, parks and picnic spots in the days ahead. All of this means that marketers can drive incredible sales during the summer months. Aggressive yet engaging marketing is what is going to turn the prospects in your favor.

Think of creative marketing tips that will help you make new leads, impress existing customers and get your message across far and wide.

Here are some tips that will leave you inspired.

Focus on key summer events

Summer is not only about outdoor fun, beach holidays and shopping spree. It has some important events like back to school events, which in fact is something that marketers can focus to generate more business

What’s more, 2022 trends show a likely rise in school and college spending; with parents likely to spend more than what they had last year. Back to school promotions will account for a major part of your  summer marketing.  Invest in popular giveaways like backpacks, water bottles, school supplies and a lot more.

Awareness Days  Social Causes

Awareness days and social causes will make a great theme for your summer promotions. It will highlight your social commitment while ensuring a great brand display. The event calendar is dotted with both serious and light hearted events like World Refugee Day , World Oceans Day, National Ice Cream Day, Friendship Day and a lot more. Whether you want to focus on campaigns for social good or enjoy some hearty laughs, summer is a great season for it. Choose events that are relevant to your brand for a better impact.

Organize a summer sale

Another obvious way to drive sales during summer is to launch a discount sale. Spread the word through online media like email marketing . Place a limited time offer to give  the campaign a real scarcity value, which is always a great way to persuade shoppers to  drop in.

Host summer contests

Grab easy attention of the audience while building brand awareness among new prospects by running a fun contest online. It is a proven way to  create a buzz and drive  some extra traffic. It will indeed go a long way to engage the audience with your brand in a subtle way without being intrusive.

Looking for more?  Reach out to our product experts for the best tips and ideas or browse our exclusive summer promotional items to get on top of the game.