Promotional Pens – A Few Handy Tips To Remember

Pens are something that people have been using since time immemorial in some form or the other. Writing supplies are one of the most popular promotional gift ideas among recipients for their functional features. Everybody uses pens and these value added promotional gifts are perfect to promote all types of businesses like schools, banks, financial institutions, doctor’s offices and much more.

custom imprinted 4 in 1 laser pointers

Surveys by PPAI reveal a few of the lesser known facts of custom pens as marketing tools.

60% use a pen 5-10 times a day while 73% carry a pen with them at all times. 79% of people surveyed says that they use promotional pens they received from a business. 25% of the pens kept in homes and offices are promotional pens.

An elegant and well designed pen will stand out everywhere. Be it in a bag or in the pockets, uniquely styled novelty pens grab instant attention. The best thing is that these custom pens are likely to change hands many times in its life time. Promotional pens may have an average of 10 owners per lifetime. You can also hand out extras so that they are passed on to make your logo portable and popular.

Here are a few tips to remember while choosing a promotional pen for your business.

custom printed light up bouncy ball pen

Ink types: Custom ballpoint pens dispense ink from its tip while rollerball pens use less-viscous ink, which spreads ink on a wider area on the paper. Custom gel pens use a high-viscosity ink and these can be used to write against dark or slick surfaces. You can even choose fraud-protection ink that help protect secure documents.

Imprint options galore: Screen printing and pad printing is the most common method for promotional pens. Logo can also be laser engraved or applied to a custom molded grip to create a greater impact and visual appeal.

Style factor: Though pens are sought for their functional features, a stylish pen will readily score a few brownie points for its appearance. Metal pens make perfect and elegant gifts to special clients. ProImprint has a range of pens in all possible options. Venetian Metal Pens stand out for their retro charm and will add elegance to your campaign. This pen delivers fabulous writing performance every time your customer uses it. Durable and long lasting, these pens are well suited for daily use and the more they use the more will be your logo exposure.

Promotional plastic pens are a great way to spread a word about your message without breaking the budget. Most plastic pens are available for less than $1, which makes these business corporate gifts perfect options for mass events like tradeshows and events. Brilliant color choices and novel designs have all made these custom pens popular among recipients of all genres. If you are looking for something truly exceptional, choose touch screen stylus or light up pens while marketers planning a go green theme in their promotion can opt for wooden or recycled pens.

Packaging: Though pens can be handed out in single units, you can add up to the elegance of your gift by packaging these in upscale gift boxes imprinted with your logo and business message.
ProImprint has a range of promotional pens that will match your theme. So, if you have been searching for a low budget promotional gift that will never fail to highlight your business message, promotional pens could well be it!

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