Promotional Best Practices – The Best Places To Leave Promotional Pens

It is interesting to note that most of the advertising best practices involve promotional gifts that are unique and cost effective items like pens. Writing supplies have always been popular items to spread your message, charity, sports leagues, concerts and much more. Small, light weight and handy, custom pens will put your logo on constant mobility and display. There can’t be anything more useful than pens. Every one of us can recollect instances when we find ourselves without a pen when we need it the most!

Custom Printed Pen With Led Lights

Wondering about the best places to hand out your promotional pens and the locations that help them travel further?

Here are some smart tips

Your employees’ work desks: Hand out these logo pens for your employees for their own use. Every time they use these logo imprinted pens, your logo will be put to a grand display. These custom writing instruments double up as effective business cards every day!

promotional balmain statement ballpoint pens

Your customers’ pockets: Leave a few logo imprinted pens for your customers at the front desk or the counters. Your customers who may need a pen will find these useful and the logo on these will get the exposure that it deserves.

Local restaurants or coffee shops: Leave a few pens at the local coffee shops or restaurants. It is a great option to popularize your logo among the local community as people often like to hang out in cafes during leisure hours. Even the waiters will find these freebies useful for taking orders and billing.

Library: Libraries are frequented by people and they may need pens to take notes and write useful information. If your business needs to reach out to a young audience comprising of school or college students, consider leaving a few pens in the library.

Trade shows: Pens make budget friendly promotional gifts for mass events like tradeshows as everyone needs pens at some time or the other. Pens are practical items that are guaranteed to impress your recipients. Long lasting and useful, custom pens are guaranteed to impress people.

Special events: Pens make perfect items for charity events or fundraising events. Nobody can turn down a free pen and your logo and message on these will never fail to gain instant attention.

The sheer multitude of choices in custom logo pens is another big plus of these promotional events. Choose from a wide selection of pens including executive pens, wood and recycled pens, stylus pens, metal pens or novelty pens among others. Looking for more value for your promotional dime? Hand out unique pens like Custom combo pens that offer the double convenience of a highlighter and a pen.

ProImprint has a range of promotional pens in all possible rates and types. Make sure to leave an indelible impression in the minds of your customers with these logo pens.

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