Promotional Giveaways For Winter- Must Read

Winter promotional gifts are the best way to warm up your sales and enhance your brand popularity even during the low key winter season. Trendy and affordable, winter staples will ensure an effective seasonal promotion as well.

Here are some popular promotional winter giveaways  that will make a great investment for marketers.



Beanies are functional and fashionable alike. Apart from helping your prospects stay warm when they are out, beanies will also add a pop of color and casual charm to their winter outfits. Plus beanies will even save your prospects from a bad hair day! Get your logo embroidered or imprinted on these apparel accessories to get all eyes on it.

Knit Pom Striped Beanie with Cuff


Jackets will not just let your audience tackle the winter chill but look fashion forward and outdoor ready as well. And as cool as they may look, these costumes can easily shield people from the cold. You can easily personalize these by printing your company logo or holiday message.

Men's Tech Long Sleeve

Insulated tumblers

Nothing screams holiday quite like a piping hot cup of soup, cocoa or coffee. So what better way to get into the winter holiday spirit than by giving away these insulated metal tumblers that keep the beverages piping hot? You can get your name and message imprinted on it to make it special. Giving away promotional tumblers this winter will benefit you and your prospective customers alike because while it keeps  both the beverages and  your promotional message hot and fresh for a long time . We bet, nothing imprinted on these drinkware items will ever be missed!

16 Oz Imprinted Hollywood Tumblers

 Not just seasonal staples!

Try to make your winter swag as exciting as possible by including custom gifts that are not necessarily winter staples. Here are some examples

Tote Bags

Tote bags will make a great gift choice for  your prospects. A tote bag will come handy for your audience. Whether your recipients use it to carry their holiday gifts, picnic items or grocery, these reusable bags will make a great choice to consider.

To match  the festive mood, you can design the tote bag  in a holiday theme by getting your brand name and message imprinted on it . An attractive custom tote bag will even make great school bags or lunch bags. So, just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on it will get in different situations.

Polyester Boat Tote Bags


Nothing says fun and cheer like candies and chocolate. Offered in a wide range of models and flavors, you can easily find a perfect holiday gift that matches your budget. Customize these with your brand and message to make it special and well cherished.Rectangle Candy Boxes with Turtles and Buttercrunch


Flashlights are a useful personalized gift for your audience this holiday season. Light-up promotional products don’t just make your brand look cool but keep your prospects safe at night. Choose from a wide range of colors and models.

Mini Maglite 2 AA Flashlights

Browse our holiday gifts for more gift ideas or reach out to your creative team for tips. Your holiday shopping can’t get any better!