ProImprint’s Staff Favorites- Earth Day Edition

It has always been our mission to adopt socially responsible marketing policies that will make a change in the world we live. In honor of the Earth day observances on 22nd April, we at ProImprint decided to adopt the theme of Earth day for the staff favorite’s poll.

Earth Day

With three teams in the fray and 6 gifts up for grabs, the poll turned out to be truly interesting.

Team 1 was excited to see a whole lot of brilliant editions to the list of ecofriendly handouts and was rearing to go! They have to pick 2 of their favorite custom gifts within the first 5 minutes. In just a few seconds, they grabbed their favorite gifts and the wide grin on the face showed that they were pretty thrilled with their gifts.

Just in time for the spring season outdoor fun, the team picked up 7 Ft Custom Solar Charging USB Umbrellas as their gift, which interestingly is not just an umbrella but a charger unit for   2 cell phones and one tablet simultaneously. Feted as one of the strongest and powerful solar charging USB umbrellas available today, these umbrellas offered brilliant color choices and UV treated polyester canopy among others. It could be the hottest custom gift of the season for sure. Marketers can place their message and logo on the impressive canopy to make it stand out.

7 Ft Custom Solar Charging USB Umbrellas

The second gift the team picked up was Natural Paper Bags offered in a palette of attractive colors. Made of Kraft paper, these reusable paper bags lined with non-woven polypropylene will make a welcome addition to any bag collection.

Printed Natural Paper Bags

Team 2 took their allotted time in choosing their gifts. Not in a hurry, these cool headed dudes portrayed a picture of composure, much to the delight of the whole team watching the poll fun. The first custom gift that they chose, Cotton Tote Bags received a thunderous applause for its simple and classic charm. It went well with the Earth day theme and will make a perfect daily use bag that is tailored for the daily grinds.

Solar Powered Power Banks with LED Light was their next favorite gift. We bet, a lot of marketers may be making this nature friendly item as their marketing swag not just during Earth Day but beyond as well. Often it is these little gestures that add up to a mass movement. It takes 10 hours for these to get fully charged on solar power and it can hold up charge up to 3 months, when not in the use.

Personalized Solar Powered Power Banks with LED Light

Last but not least, Team 3 looks a bit disillusioned by all the hype around. Finally after a few rounds of hurried discussion the Design Team kept their cards on Solaris Stylus Pen that has a stylus tip at one end and a pen tip and a clip on the other end. It will make a great gift choice to promote technology brands and stores.

Solaris Stylus Pen with 5 Colors

4-LED Solar Flashlights that leave just bright light and no carbon imprints were the next in their list. This smart looking 4-LED Super Bright Flashlight with a wrist strap and outdoor solar panel will win hands down as corporate gifts and referral items.

How many of you are planning to use these logo items endorsed by our team? Let us know your ideas at the comments section below.