Customer Appreciation Day Gift Ideas- A Quick Guide

May 15th is customer appreciation day and it makes a great occasion to show your gratitude to your customers. As they say customer is the king and making them feel well appreciated is the key to make new leads and more business.

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On this special day, show your customers exactly what they mean to you by handing out some great custom gifts. Think of some amazing and unique party ideas as well to show your appreciation.

With the Covid- 19 lockdown and social distancing norms in place, you may have to tweak your customary party ideas to suit the need of the hour. So, if you cannot get everyone together, think of hosting an online happy hour to get the party started. Your customers will surely appreciate the fun idea and will be delighted to be part of the cocktail party hosted in the virtual world!

 Share happy Customer Stories

Share your happy customer stories online to show how much customers are appreciated by your business. Include pictures and stories to make it original yet interesting for others.

Thank You Cards

Simple yet thoughtful gestures like a hand written thank- you card is a delightful way to show how special your customers are. You can even cite any specific and pleasant interactions that you remember. It will add more value to these simple cards, which will be cherished for posterity.

Upgrade Customer Orders

During the customer appreciation week, you can offer free product deals or a service upgrade to surprise your customers.

Offer Free Tips

Think of free information or tips that could be useful for your customers and complement your business themes. For instance, if you are a restaurant, you can think of sharing a  popular recipe of your restaurant for your customers. Fitness centers can share simple work out tips or videos that can be done at home. Are you a hairstylist or a salon owner? Why not share some summer hair care tips or hair styling ideas that will leave your audience truly delighted.

Appreciation Gifts

Make your appreciation message a lot more special by adding some customer appreciation free gifts to it. Choose popular handouts like custom pens, tumblers or tote bags, customize it with your logo and appreciation message and see how well these logo items are received by the audience.

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Create a Local Directory

Create a local guide of popular restaurants, bars, salons etc. in the area and send it to your regular customers by email. You can also post it on your social media for the benefit of all your followers .This useful guide will go a long way in making your business popular in the local community.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Customer Appreciation Day. Share your tips with us on our facebook page to join an interesting conversation.